Weekly Horoscope: November 8 -November 14

Weekly Horoscope: November 8 -November 14

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This week brings a feeling of anguishes for insignificant reason or one of the self-created reason. Your behavior with spouse may be unpleasant. You will try to show your power and courage at wrong place. This may disturb your peace. Several ideas will keep on conflicting each other. Try to keep your temperament calm. Some of you get involved into new relationships in this period. 


Taurus: Your aggressive step with restless mind may mislead you. You may add on enemies in your kitty. Your efforts and strive to reach your destination will be more in this period. Marital happiness is missing in your day-to-day life. Students won’t find it very comfortable to concentrate. Financial aspect looks good in this week. 


Gemini: Your attention will be towards your kids. Even your creativity can be surfaced up among your people. Your belief about life will be very unorthodox. Opponents may extend their hands to compromise and sooth the situation around. Professional aspect of life will be supportive. Your every move is going to be praised or awarded. 


Cancer: Thinking too much about silly things and keeping it in mind and heart can be expected in this period. Extra efforts are needed to keep the situation positive around you. Your very well balanced reaction towards any situation will definitely going to be awarded but with a slow pace. Keep your patience intact. Workplace won’t be much pleasant in this period. 


Leo: You need to continue your endeavor to achieve the target. And you are going to justify your duty. By dint of sheer hard work, you will cross the obstacles. Despite the lack of parental support, you may put efforts to pass the obstacles whole heartedly. If you belong to the area where you have to work from backend, you are definitely going to be a go-getter.


Virgo: Your life will be around family for a reason. At the same time, reluctance and submissive approach will keep others confused about your character. Your image among your people won’t be up to the expectation. Partner’s harsh behavior can put you at embarrassing place. Journey won’t be fruitful. Delay any business trip for the time being. 


Libra: Meeting old colleagues after long span or meeting influential people may give you excessive attitude problem with your loved ones. Decisions of any legal issues will go in your support. Some of you may face dispute in marital life. You will be feeling under pressure in most of your undertakings. Size of ego looks bigger than maintaining relationship for you in this period. 


Scorpio: Your mind will work in multi-dimensional way. You may be extremely harsh and commanding with your children. Worldly pleasure will be experienced from partner. But one part of happiness might be missing from partner. You may try your hand in business or any new venture. In any case, you are going to spend money in this period.  A moderate period is approaching you. 


Sagittarius: In the beginning of this week, you might feel about your journey of life, and your evaluation about the same may take you to solitude. Your unsuccessful effort to keep your mother happy may be another devastating thing can be expected in this period. In short, happiness is at toss. Prospects of escalation of position or power without much financial benefits can be expected.


Capricorn: You have clarity of your planning and execution of the same. But steps taken without thinking much, may lead you to the wrong place. Wait for a couple of weeks to take any major decision. Your work and efforts will be acknowledged but not without obstacles and delay. Do not rely on any of friends or colleagues. A week with hope and expectation is knocking your door. 


Aquarius: Circumstances will lead you to rethink about the situation or steps taken to face it bravely. Malefic planets will push your timeline ahead. Either plan your action before or execute it with a delay of a couple of weeks.  This period of hassles should be taken up as a lesson for you. Your main concern of this week will be money.  


Pisces: Your pessimism and temperament will keep your personality as a secluded figure among loved ones. Your concern may be either your child or higher studies.  You may feel lack of support from your people for your venture. Financial area of life looks good enough in this period. Inner pleasure from family can be witnessed in this period. 

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