Weekly Horoscope: November 22 – November 28

Weekly Horoscope: November 22 – November 28


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: At the one aspect of life, you will find yourself fully accomplished while other side of routine looks distressed. Your situation will be able to knock out your enemies. Plan to renovate house or any kind of money may be spent on furnishing. Short trip won’t be fulfil your purpose. Financial area of life looks good in this period.  


Taurus: This period brings you harmless enemies. These enemies may bother you only if you behave over sensitive. You try to be calmer and slow in responding in family matter. Your level of anxiety may rise for self-imagined situation. While the transit of Jupiter brings you sigh of relief but you need to wait for the fruit of your patience. Long awaited job offer can be expected in this period. 


Gemini: Your skill will be recognized at your workplace. Professional area of life brings a bag of anxiety. Your positive determination is going to pay you the benefit in long run. Opponents won’t have any choice other than accepting you and your views. You will be more concern about your children and may plan something for their well-being. Students can expect good results in this week. 


Cancer: Your partner will be demonstrating you most of your work and you won’t mind accepting it. You will be able to make your own path with obstructions indeed. Avoiding to eat outside would be a sensible idea in this period. Your long awaited plan to purchase a vehicle might be over in this period. Overall, a good period can be expected. 


Leo: Your detachment from the worldly pleasure would be felt in this period. Your skillful approach and communication with your people will pay you definitely in terms of pleasure and recreation time. Your workplace won’t give you peace of mind. Don’t mind any kind of delay in getting the results of your effort. 


Virgo: In this period, you will be more inclined towards talking or involved more in speaking. You may use or defuse your purpose by using logical or illogical talk. It depends on your individual running period. You will try to connect family and relatives. Time to reap your crop of hard work. You may be involved into relationship in this period.


Libra: Your planning to execute some unexpected situation can be well executed in this period. Health needs your dedicated time. Politicians of this sign would be benefitted in this period. You can expect dispute with family and loved ones. Monetary condition looks good. Be careful while publishing any statement in public. Your words may take bad shape among your people. 


Scorpio: Inclination towards relationship, Education or family planning can be seen in this period. You may get into a successful relationship. Some of the eligible persons may conceive in this period. Those who have been planning for long to start their families, here is the time to plan. Students may take next step for going abroad if they have been in the process.


Sagittarius:  Planning of family expansion may be fulfilled in this period. This is one of the best period to fly abroad or planning to go to abroad for higher education. Your feeling for cousins or elder siblings may be disturbing for you. Overall, a week is coming on your way to make you realise about the importance of relationship and to work on maintaining it decently. 


Capricorn: Your lifestyle will be very disciplined and punctual. This attitude may show you the path of righteousness. Avoid taking any rash decision or sudden decision otherwise you may repent it later. At times, you may use aggressive words at workplace that can turn against you later. Try not to advice anybody. Even if you feel that somebody is not going to right path, you follow right path but avoid giving any suggestion to anybody. 


Aquarius: Talking in crisp and clear tone is appreciated indeed but, do not forget to check the person to whom you are expressing your emotion. Work on your tone while communicating your people. Your effort will work with slow pace. Your enemies may not come up publically, if they would try to oppose your move, it will go against them. A good week is knocking your door. 


Pisces: This week brings you support or suggestions from elder siblings or somebody like elder sibling. Temperament should be kept under control. Otherwise this may disturb your personal life. Financial area will be good. Inclination towards spirituality or any religious activity will be more. Avoid long journey. 

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