Weekly Horoscope: 15th November – 21st November

Weekly Horoscope: 15th November – 21st November


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Even in the absence of marital happiness, the level of missing those pleasure won’t be much hurting. Your persona will have a different kind of positive aura around. At times you may try to speak lie or using strategical opinion about many situations. Stay cautious. Business persons may have good time. Your guts to face the circumstances and accepting it sportingly can be witnessed in this period. 


Taurus: You may be more conscious about your image among your people. Being conscious and turning it into anxiety can toll your health. This situation will not be worse but definitely going to disturb you mentally. Opponents might be planning to compromise in few matters with you. Your preference will be isolation or avoiding public or being socialized in this period. A lukewarm period can be expected. 


Gemini: Wise thought with a generously creative mind will be experienced in this period. Simultaneously, aggressive decision with a reluctant decision may contradict your attitude. Concern for your children may keep you on your toe in this period. Monetary area will be soothing for you. Work front can also be satisfying in this period. 


Cancer: Pessimism with ego and weird attitude can be witnessed in this period. Results of your hard work will take time to fructify while your patience won’t match with the situation. Your health, especially digestive issues may occur in next few weeks. Financial area of life will keep you content. You will feel eventually better post mid-week period. 


Leo: Struggling for silly thing can be experienced in this period. Your communication skill will help you to sail through the situation with better result. In relationship also, you won’t find yourself independent. Such feeling may imbibe anxiety in your attitude. You will enjoy spending money on your loved ones. Drive safe or prefer public transport. 


Virgo: This week will bring quality family time for you. Prosperity can be expected in the matter of worldly gains. Do not forget to give respect to your partner. This gesture may feel silly for you but it will work wonder. Your submissive attitude will be seen by your people. More efforts with less gain can be experienced but your efforts will fructify later.  


Libra: Avoid giving free suggestion to anybody as this may bounce back to you negatively. Public or your loved ones will try to connect you. You must welcome them whole heartedly. Don’t disappoint them but stay away from giving free advice. After long span you would be experiencing marital happiness. Hidden enemies may try to pull you down but they won’t get success in their mission. 


Scorpio: This period brings thought provoking situation about your duties towards your life. In short, time to self-introspect. Money will be spent in luxury and this is providing you pleasure, indeed. Students of this sign will enjoy their success. Your will-power and determination will be your beauty in this period. 


Sagittarius:  Now your lord is moving to family and wealth house. You will find opinion differences with any of the family member. Your opponents will try to bitch behind your back but in vein. Your interest in extending your hands for helping under-privileged will be more. Your ideas will be well appreciated among loved ones. Overall, a good week is knocking your way.  


Capricorn: Week will begin with almost same tone but as day advances, you will experience a change for good. Be extra careful about the behavior of your boss as well as siblings. Do not take them for granted. Your inclination towards your work will increase eventually. You might have concern of financial aspect. A better week is expected on your way. 


Aquarius: This festival season will give you reason to enjoy the festivity. You will fulfil your mission with obstacles. Taking lead in family matters and using harsh tone will lead you at wrong end. Boss may use power and authority to provoke you. Keep your mind calm and cool. Be careful about health. Any health issue should be taken to family doctor. 


Pisces: This week brings you anxiety and desire of meeting own people. Such absurd feeling will effect the people around. Your concern for financial aspect will be added botheration in your schedule. Your area of concern will be either your children or your education. You will have courage to face the situation without getting panicked. A moderate period can be seen. 

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