Weekly Horoscope: 3rd May to 9th May

weekly horoscope june

Weekly Horoscope: 3rd May to 9th May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com

Aries: You will strive to fulfil your ego. If you won’t work on controlling your ego, this may create misunderstanding among loved ones. Food, family and money will be your focus of this week. Try to delay any big decision in this period. Students may try to take short-cuts which is not advisable. You will have a better image of your partner in this week.  

Taurus: A wise and better side of your personality will be seen by your family and friends. Somehow, this is the time for you to miss the kids due to distance, ill-health or misunderstandings. But you will be able to manage this situation strategically. Students will have a good week to accomplish their wishes. 

Gemini: Getting acknowledgement, appreciation or fame in any form will be in your current week’s kitty. Your approach will be too straight towards expressing your feeling among your people. Draw a thin line between straight approach and a wise approach to save your dignity. A mixed experience with family members will be experienced. 

Cancer: This week will bring some factors to reduce your temperamental behavior which you had been carrying for last few weeks. Relation with mother will be lukewarm. Your creative ideas may turn into source of benefits in the form of money or emotion. You may face sense of insecurity at workplace in this period. It’s better to go for meditation or any other physical workout. 

Leo: Professional aspect will be your strength of this period. Your worth will be felt by your seniors or colleagues. Your spiritual instinct will work more than before. You will try to support your elders and teachers by any means. Listening your father’s suggestion will give you benefits. Enemies will be helpless before you. 

Virgo: Your presence will not be felt due to your subdued attitude with friends and family. Your interest towards studies or pursuing higher studies will suddenly surface-up. Positive vibes will be filled around. But it’s your effort which may change your result. So, keep working harder to achieve better result. 

Libra: This week will bring lot of reasons to argue with family and friends. In the beginning of week, this argument will be logical but mid-week onwards this argument may turn into quarrel. Business persons of this sign will experience gain in their projects. For others too, a good period in financial gains can be expected. Your relation with spouse will improve. 

Scorpio: Your lord is transiting into Aquarius. This may pull you to behave in a frustrating way. Your own behavior will create mess in your home. Do not try to dictate your terms and conditions with any random person as this may backfire to you. Your concern for mother will be more. A better week can be expected. 

Sagittarius: You will spend family time in this period but your style of communication, won’t be apt to keep the atmosphere of home calm and peaceful. Travelling should be avoided. Relation with elder sibling will improve. Health should be kept at the top of priority list in this period. A moderately good time for financial gains can be expected. 

Capricorn: This week will begin with the same tempo but mid-week onwards, you will be able to control your temperament. You may be very crisp and clear in expressing your views and emotion. This may be or may not be accepted by everybody sportingly. Observe the people, try to understand their attitude, then only express your feelings. Overall, situations will turn as per your convenience. 

Aquarius: This planetary position will give you the reason to spend money. At times, you will feel abandoned or secluded. This state of mind will try to compensate through spending more money. This is a phase which will also pass. Do not take any decision in haste specially regarding money-matter. 

Pisces: Your relation with younger siblings will improve. But be careful with your spouse, as your aggressive statement may disturb your relationship. Money will be spent more than expectation. But, your financial condition will be sufficient to bear such expenses. Your child will give you reason to smile.

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