Weekly Horoscope: 17th May – 23rd May

weekly horoscope june

Weekly Horoscope: 17th May – 23rd May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Involvement in the family matters without sensing the situation may lead to you at wrong place. Despite your mistake, you won’t be blamed directly. New ideas will click but this may take time to materialize. Your will power and determination will help you to sail through it smoothly. Opportunity to meet people and socialize through any media look possible in this week. 


Taurus: This period is passing you energy internally which will reflect in your personality too. An opportunity to grow at work can also be seen. Financial aspect looks better. Smart act of yours will be able to give you an extra edge in performance. Love life will also bloom or you may take advance step towards your relationship in this period. 


Gemini: Struggle to reach your goal with pessimism will prevail in this period. It won’t prolong. Money will be spent on luxury without any intention. Financial aspect will be moderately good but you will have an insecurity regarding saving part. You will face a fear which may bother your peace, indeed. Though, nothing is going to harm you significantly. 


Cancer: Gain, gain and gain in the form of money, friendship and family can be experienced in this period. Your old school of thought will pull you down off and on in next few weeks. You may lose your patience in the matter of getting result. Still, sense of relief will be felt. You will concentrate more on yourself. 


Leo: Work will be in the top of your priority list in this period. Your workaholic attitude will definitely give you name and fame. You will be little harsh in expressing your opinion. Stay careful while speaking your feelings before loved ones. Monetary benefits and relishing money can also be seen in coming days.  


Virgo: Your relation with parents may improve or you may communicate more frequently with them in this period. Your personality will have an amazing aura around. But you might not feel it as it won’t be noticeable for you. Your words will turn into suggestion for someone. Overall, a good period is approaching your way. 


Libra: Your inclination towards research work or something related to archeology, Occult science etc will be more. If you have history of diabetes, do not ignore your routine visit to doctor. Your financial area of life will be good. An old love of your life may come in your contact through any medium of contact. 


Scorpio: A wise, generous and polite approach will be seen in your attitude. A positive opinion about your spouse as well as people around you will be felt. Your satisfaction level for money and many other aspects of life will be noticeably high in this period. You will pay attention towards your own attire, appearance as well as status. One of the positive week is approaching your way. 


Sagittarius: You need to take support of any one of your opponent for your benefit in this period. Even though your dedication towards family will be more, you may find yourself alone even among your own people. Those who are into relationship, may have tough time to continue with the current situation. Conjugal life can be disturbed in this week. 


Capricorn: Plethora of ideas and creativity will provide you a sense of confidence as well as a delightful mood in this period. Still, students will find it difficult to focus in their studies. Students need extra effort to streamline their schedule. Your boss will be helpful in providing you happiness in the form of money or position. 


Aquarius: Time to explore yourself. In this process, you may spend money to enhance your personality. You will be able to manage the proper balance between family and profession. Your aggressive words might be taken as rude approach. Be careful about your behavior with loved ones. Overall, a good week is approaching you. 


Pisces: Younger siblings will be back to you with a positive note about you. Your attitude will be appreciated by family and friends. Monetary aspects will be moderate in this period. Despite not very conducive situation, your happiness will be intact. Travelling should be avoided. Students of this sign will have to strive more to get the result.

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