Weekly Horoscope: 10th May – 16th May

weekly horoscope june

Weekly Horoscope: 10th May – 16th May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: You will be very confident about your actions regarding undertakings. Your logical words related to the circumstances around will be taken under consideration. Your mission and vision will be very clear about your each and every move in this period. Family life will have more charm than outside home. In short, this is the time to enjoy family and loved ones wholeheartedly. 


Taurus: You will feel extremely strong and determined internally about your mission. A beautifully planned event will be executed by you in any form. The size of the plan may vary, it depends on your individual horoscope. Children will give you pleasure with their gesture or achievements. Overall, a good week can be expected. 


Gemini: Week will begin with the same gloomy note but post mid-week brings stability with an optimistic approach. Good news can be foreseen specially from mother’s side. Anxiety at work will be faced. Even business persons of this sign won’t reach the level of their own expectation. Situation may keep you away from your partner. 


Cancer: This period brings money and worldly pleasure at its best for you. You will nourish and pamper yourself in this period. Friends and boss will the reason to make you happy. They may even ignore your aggressive statements and keep continuing this relationship with same pace. A lukewarm feeling will be experienced in this week. A week of I, me and myself can be seen on your way. 


Leo: Week to work and prove can be expected. You will come forward to help others and your effort to contribute your help in any form for your society will be observed in this period. The professionals specially who earn through communication, Teaching, banking or hotel industries will have good time in this week. Relation with kids won’t be very pleasant. 


Virgo: The combination of planets and their positioning indicate a perfect balance over your opinion about few things and your apt reaction. You will be considered in the category of a decent person. Your work in the field of communication, journalism or anything related to writing will be very beneficial. You can expect a better week on your way. 


Libra: For you, this week might bring a boost in business. Health front seems vulnerable, if not taken proper care. Renovation or any sort of beautification of home can be in your list in this period. Be careful while dealing your loved ones. Students of this sign might pursue their studies with a better note with lot of positivity.  


Scorpio: Your concentration will be you and your own happiness. A good sign for you, after long time. Financially a stable period can be experienced. Your mission and ambition will be accomplished with slow pace but assured success in accordance with your effort. Your children will be another point of your focus with a pessimistic approach. It is advised to go for physical activity. 


Sagittarius: Aggressive as well as egoistic attitude might bring your bad image among loved ones. A week with lack of financial security might be experienced. Your anxiety level will be high. You may find some problem at home such as plumbing or any other sort of building issue. You will try your best to perform at work but result won’t be in the expected shape and size. 


Capricorn: Logic, Philosophy and creativity will be found in your approach towards every aspect of your life. Highly noble thought and generous attitude towards everybody, especially under privileged people will be felt in this period. You would like to take initiative in family matter and this will turn beneficial for all. 


Aquarius: Decision taken under influence of stranger should be strictly no-no in this period. Younger siblings or cousins may trouble you through communication. Travelling should be avoided. Speak only if it is required or try to avoid verbal communication. Home décor and luxurious items will be in your wish list of this week. 


Pisces: This period will keep your mind strained due to chain of thoughts. Your focus will be your child, romance or studies. Your relation with younger siblings will improve. You might be dominating your spouse. Financially, a good week can be expected. Partner will give reason to smile and strength.

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