Weekly Horoscope: 31st May – 6th June


Weekly Horoscope: 31st May – 6th June

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com

Aries: Work, words and not a very conducive situation won’t hamper your progress or recognition among co-workers. Journalists, Writers or Hoteliers of this sign will get benefits of the current placement of planets. Be wary for contracting seasonal ailment in this period. Your spouse will be needing your time and attention more. Stay careful.

Taurus: “Slow and steady wins the race” keep it in mind and keep moving ahead. Your work is being appreciated and praised behind your back. Good result is assured with its own speed. The best part of this week will be your extremely positive approach towards the situation around. You should not expect immediate material benefit. 

Gemini: This period is indicating expenses on luxury or any sort of investment to please yourself. Mixed feeling will experienced in this period. Passive strength can be observed in your most of the actions. Financial aspect will be considerably good. Romantic life may not go well. Even an insignificant fear will prevail at work. 

Cancer: A matured soul will behave in your personality. Your decisions and choices can be beyond your age, positively. Friends or colleagues might pump you courage, this is a good sign altogether. Financial growth or satisfaction cannot be ignored in this period. Minor health issues may bother you. Students of this sign will perform better. 

Leo: Work will be in the top position in your weekly agenda. Your effort to reach your goal is definitely going to give you good result. Mixed bag of friends as well as enemies are going to come across at workplace. No one is going to stop you by getting your wish accomplished. Sudden addition of wealth can be expected. 

Virgo: Your inclination towards work and business will rise with a productive output. Do not lose patience. Wait for the right moment to get the result of your effort. Some of you will start reading books related to religion, spirituality or History. Ego should be kept aside to maintain mental peace. A lukewarm week can be expected. 

Libra: Health should be prioritized in this period. You must follow strict routine to avoid any mistake. Rash driving is strictly no-no for you in this week. Keep your calm while trying to guide something to your kids. Your peace is in your hand. Ignoring silly issues is definitely going to add happiness in your kitty. 

Scorpio: A better relation with spouse can be expected. At one point of life, you might be enjoying but other point won’t be exciting for you. Try to put an effort to balance both the side by physical workout of any kind. Monetary insecurity will be felt. Kids will be strength in this period. Overall, a moderate week is knocking your door. 

Sagittarius: Your spouse will be helping you emotionally. Your opponents will try to pull you down relentlessly. Your effort to fight back may consume your energy. Try to control your emotion and go for meditation or self-introspection. Do not agitate for the not very essential matter. A week of isolation but not sad is assured for you.

Capricorn: Your communication skill will secure your power and position up. Your cool logic in hot situation will help you to reach your goal. Entrepreneurs are advised to work smartly in this period, this may pay you in long run. Students can take a chance to appear in a competitive examination. A good week can be assured.  

Aquarius: Entrepreneurs should be careful in their deals as these may not fall in right place. Those who has history of Diabetes, Blood-pressure etc. this period is vulnerable for you, Take extra care of your health and surroundings. Keep yourself away from any serious family discussion. This is the period to be very cautious.  

Pisces: Sportsperson will have good time to enjoy the work-out even at home. Good relation with neighbours and younger siblings can be expected. Travelling will give you mixed result. It is advised to avoid any journey. Financial security can be assured. Business persons may strike good deals in this period.

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