Weekly Horoscope: 21st June – 27th June

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Weekly Horoscope: 21st June – 27th June

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com                           


Aries: You will be working endlessly and tirelessly without any appreciation. At the same time, you emotion may get outburst off and on. Ultimately, it is going to harm you. Keep yourself away from any family drama. Students need to enlist their priorities and follow it dedicatedly. Do not go with any of your quick decision. Sports persons of this sign will have gala time. 


Taurus: Friends and acquaintances will play great roles in your life. Their presence will boost your strength and confidence altogether. Your approach with everybody will be noticed and appreciable too. Financial gains will not match other good things in this period. It will take time to release result of any nature in this period. “Wait and watch “should be in your mind. 


Gemini: Taking quick and swift decision will be your strong points of this week. Life will have lack of stress and more of comforts to enjoy. Keep your ego at bay so that you may dissuade any mistake. Finance will be a good area of life. Slight disturbances will be experienced at work. Support of family will keep you strong. 


Cancer: You would like to feel money by spending it even for destressing yourself which won’t be much needed. Mixed feelings related to life matter will be experienced. At time, you will be flying high another moment you may find yourself in the realistic world. Result of your hard work is definitely going to fetch slow but assured result.


Leo: Your physical presence may not be felt by the people around but your work will give you reason to keep your head high. You may have many opponents to pull you down at workplace but you will come out all adverse conditions with flying colours. Friends will be supportive from every aspect.  Drive safe or avoid private transport if possible. 


Virgo: Anxiety at work as well as aggression in your speech will be observed in this period. Inclination towards foreign assignments or work for a foreign company will be more. It won’t be easy to reach your goal. Keep putting effort to dig your own well. Planets show that your mission will definitely going to be accomplished with a slower pace. 


Libra: This period shows you more anxious about your image. Your overall condition will not be bad but your unnecessary thoughts may bother you out of proportion. Suddenly you may plan to travel. A short journey can be seen in this period. Try to avoid travelling in this period as much as possible. You will prefer to go with traditional attire as well as traditional rituals in this period. 


Scorpio: This week will bring full of creativity as well as expressing your skill verbally in public or among your loved ones. Your optimistic view towards life will keep your image bright in society. This is very essential to keep a check on your diet as your digestive system won’t support much to your taste. Messing up with your kids will put you in wrong frame. Meditation or any physical workout will help to drain out your negative energy. 


Sagittarius: In general, people of this sign may have vulnerable health to seasonal ailments. If your personal chart indicates health issue then you need to be extra careful in this period. You will be feeling alone even in the crowd. Spouse will be very much demanding even for trivial thing and this may lead to some kind of disagreement. Financial aspect will be moderately fine.  


Capricorn: Week will begin with the same paradigm of attitude and approach towards life. Post mid-week period will be based on your communication. Your written message, E-mails or any sort of written communication may spoil your image. Be careful while sending any written information to anybody in this period. Your enemy will turn beneficial for you unknowingly. Avoid any sort of journey.


Aquarius: You would like to have your finger in every pie. Consequently, you may lose the substance of life in your day-to-day routine. You should avoid taking any rash decision specially regarding marriage or relationship. Investing capital in this period won’t ensure benefit in this period. Students will find it difficult to concentrate in their studies. 


Pisces: You will be deprived of marital happiness in this period. You may be engrossed either with the planning for your children’s well-being or planning to pursue your own higher education. In this period, your agility and being highly active mentally too will be found in you. Time to accumulate wealth. Your family members would like to connect with you. In the contrary, you would avoid them.

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