Weekly Horoscope: 14th June – 20th June

weekly horoscope july

Weekly Horoscope: 14th June – 20th June

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Businessmen may come across beneficial deals in this period. Diligence in your approach is definitely going to get you profit. You may have plan to buy jewelry, dresses or any decorative piece in this week. Money will be accumulated or sources of saving money may also increase. Chances of argument with children can be predicted. Avoid giving any unwanted suggestion to your children in this period. 


Taurus: A long awaited job interview and job offer may be finalized in this week. Your kids and your own creative talent will give you reason to smile. Not to forget, patience is power and it definitely brings fruit now or in long run. This is the time when your endeavor as well as patience are highly needed to get your wishes accomplished. 


Gemini: Several situations will come across in your day-to-day routine, when you may feel yourself saved from some mishappenings. Your approach will be little more outspoken with your loved ones. There will be a mixed feeling regarding metal peace. One side of situation will keep you extremely content while other side may show you the dark side of the condition around you. 


Cancer: You will be blessed with a positive aura around. Circumstances will add flavor in your life. At the same time, you won’t take much time to get furious with younger siblings or friends. Your emotion can overpower your action. Such condition may turn into a sour relationship with spouse too. Have a controlled behavior with loved ones to relish one of the beautiful period.


Leo: Week will begin with loads of work but gradually it will turn into meeting people regarding work. People from different strata will come across in your life. Your concern for children can be seen in this period. Accumulation of wealth can be assured. Your ideas and creativity will be recognized. A good week can be expected. 


Virgo: Despite adverse situations, you will sail through with pride and determination. Father’s support will be experienced. A better family life is coming on your way. Lawyers, Consultants, Educators and Hoteliers may have good time to fetch financial gains. Some of you will begin their relationships while others may find it difficult to continue with their old partners. Stay stable, decide after giving repeated thought. 


Libra: In the beginning of this week, situation will not be very cozy. Your aggressive and pessimistic mindset will keep bothering your peace. You may spend money in hospitals or Charity. Being careful about health should be one of the most prior thing for you in this period. Financial condition will be good. This week indicates you to go for mediation or any other sort of physical work out. 


Scorpio: Thinking about home, family and luxury will be in your agenda of the week. You would prefer yourself to keep away from relatives and only immediate family would give you happiness. A pleasant mind will have a good approach indeed. Do not forget to refrain from any illegal deeds, bribe or deceiving somebody whatever conditions are around. 


Sagittarius: Self-introspection, Meditation or  Vipasana , such kind of practice should be taken under consideration in this period to get the optimum benefit such as a peaceful mind. You may be more argumentative with family members. It’s better to draw a boundary before starting any decision making argument. Spouse will try to take you for granted. Tolerance from you can be expected to maintain the peace around.  


Capricorn: A conducive situation at work and other aspects can be assured by the planets in this period. Still this situation will not fetch you mental freedom. Planets are supporting to those students, who are appearing for the examinations. This period blesses you with some of the physical activities inside home, Gym or sports complex.


Aquarius: Health, finance and kids will be the lukewarm area of this week. Your investment may give you loss in this period. Delay investment or getting into any new relationship. Prefer public transport in your routine. Your expenditure will go out of your expectations. Your children may face some minor problem, stay calm. Some of you can get indulge into argument with the children. Try to avoid such condition. 


Pisces: In the beginning of this week, your attitude will be lukewarm. But as the week advances, you will find yourself more active and aggressive. If this situation will be utilized in constructive ways, then you may try to turn your fortune with full passion. Growth in finance can be assured. Acquaintances and friends will be source of strength for you in this period.  

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