Weekly Horoscope: 5th July – 11th July

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Weekly Horoscope: 5th July – 11th July

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: You may face situation to exhibit your velour, despite a fear you will perform your best. Your area of concern will be your spouse or your business partner. Sportsperson will enjoy the period at their best. Your will find happiness from your children. Dispute with younger siblings can be possible. Travelling should be delayed. Financial aspect will be good. 


Taurus: Work will be appreciated and recognized among your people. Judges, Educators, Hoteliers, Counselors of this sign will have good time to come across their new clients or students. You can expect a long awaited offer letter in this period. Financial gain won’t match your effort. Chances of facing disappointment in this period will be more.


Gemini: Your words may sound harsh but unambiguous indeed. You might be hyper sensitive while dealing your colleagues. Your ego will keep on hampering your peace every now and then. Monetary part of life will be good. Kind words of somebody will give you a reason to have incentive of your work in future. Anxiety cannot be avoided in this period.


Cancer: You will be in a very confused state of mind regarding relationship. In the dilemma of mind and brain, your heart will win. Unexpectedly, you will spend money for insignificant purpose. Nonetheless, you will hardly find any difference in your pocket. Malefic planets may put you at the darker side of life in mind. Take such phase as a temporary self- created and self –assessed situation. 


Leo: Your creative ideas or plans will be shine among all. It will be considered as your hidden talent. Meeting influential people or getting involved in respectable event can be possible in this period. Your opponents may have tough time. Financial growth can be seen. Control your aggression in public. Utilize this aggression constructively. It is better to avoid over thinking for trivial issue. 


Virgo: Time to enjoy your work with loved ones can be seen in this week. You may face problem, if you raise your voice out of your trust issue with the persons around. Your understanding with mother will improve. For businessmen of this sign may have little tough time to believe their partners. Financial aspect will be moderately good. 


Libra: Some of the people of this sign will plan to tie knot. You may have good sources of money inflow or better dealing in this period. Seasonal ailments may bother you in this period. At times, you will find yourself in a temperamental state but anyhow, you will manage it smartly. Avoid long drive or any kind of excursion in this period. 


Scorpio: You may have an uptight approach towards romance. Ultimately it is not going to work. Your children may keep you on toe. The reason behind can be, either their mischiefs or their unexpected annoying behavior. Financially, you may feel an uptight position but you should take it as this will also pass. Overall, an eventful period can be seen.  


Sagittarius: This is the week which may again bring back your isolated mood. You may not like staying at home. Even people around at home won’t give you much pleasure. Your relation with mother can be dicey. Your attitude will be more submissive. It will be little difficult to control the wave of the time. This may go against your plan. Having patience with positive mind is the only remedy to overcome this. 


Capricorn: Despite a pessimistic thought in you, a romantic chord will also be played by Venus. But your conventional approach will not let you dance in the beautiful chord. Thinking of taking a religious practice in your daily schedule can be expected by you. Such opinion and plans may linger on for next few weeks. Be careful from back biters at your workplace. 


Aquarius: Rash decision in the spur of moment may take you at wrong place. Your area of concern will be money investment or trusting an acquaintance. Planning of executing marriage plan or postponement of the same is possible in this week. You will take a lead in family matters.  Students may plan for education at abroad and they will get ray of hope in this period. 


Pisces: Your relation with mother will not be appreciable. Your temperament will be at its extreme. You will be able to pay loan easily. Money seen to be accumulated in this week. But god’s grace will keep on saving you from any defamation. Your family will be your strength. Take care of your health by having a balanced diet. 

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