Weekly Horoscope – 19th July – 25th July

weekly horoscope august

Weekly Horoscope – 19th July – 25th July

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: This period won’t be smooth sailing indeed. But you will experience your existence even in public. This might not be very easy to cope up with the situation prevailed. Your smart course of action is definitely going to give you credit in long run. Support of siblings as well as cousins will be the reason of strength. A lukewarm week can be expected. 


Taurus: Diplomatic as well as tactical words will be saving grace for you in this period. Partner may give you reason to smile in the form of money, respect or emotion. A cold war kind of situation may prevail with sibling. Your words of expression will be extremely convincing to family and friends. An upcoming average week can be expected for you. 


Gemini: Your decision taking pace will be faster than before. Your quick and valid decision is going to give accolade to you in this period. At time, you will be very honest and straight in expressing your feeling among your people. Financial aspect looks good or neutral. Business persons of this sign may get new proposal for future. 


Cancer: Ego and disciplined attitude will keep you in dilemma as this will be very difficult for you to balance in day-to-day life. You will get a chance to talk to your friends after a long span. You won’t enjoy a stable mindset in relationship especially in this period. A rash action can be expected from you in this week. Keeping ego aside may give you peace of mind. 


Leo: Your will get award, reward or any other kind of appreciation at work place. Some of you may get news about the prospects of increment in coming weeks. Even though your confidence level won’t be up to the mark in public, still your approach will take you above the expected bar. Hidden enemies will keep on trying to pull you back with many failures. 


Virgo: Your centre of attention will be your work, profession or business in this period. Married people may find it difficult to control their emotion while dealing with their spouse. Your adamancy even for silly issue may create anxiety and high expectation. Your effort to act slowly and behave calmly may work wonders. 


Libra: Situation may bring out your aggression and depression in public. This may go either against you or in favour of you. Totally depends on your personal running period. Traders who deal with foreign countries, may have better time. Good news from children can be expected. Monetary aspect of life will be good. 


Scorpio: Your involvement in new relationship or extra marital affairs can be found out through planets. This is one of the most vulnerable period to be caught red handed if any illegal or unethical deeds have been done. Sudden gains or loss can be possible as per your personal running period. Undoubtedly, its period to enjoy but do not forget to take proper safety measures. 


Sagittarius: You are going to see the successful result of your workout, if you have been doing and waiting for long time. Your opinion may differ from your partner. Business partner may deceive you in this period. Be more careful. Your interest to know more about other religion will suddenly awake. You will not reach your level of financial expectation in this period. 


Capricorn: This week is knocking at the sensitive door of your younger sibling as your relation with them has not been going along well. You have hidden enemies with their zero effect on you in this period. Those who are into a relationship, there is a chance of breaking up or some dispute in this period. Your interest in occult science will be suddenly surfaced up. 


Aquarius: Planets will not let you get success in romance. Your aggressive and rude attitude may disturb your relation with family and friends. You will have good time at work place. Your expenses are definitely going to cross your budget, but sources of income are also ready to compensate the same. Overall, a better week can be expected. 


Pisces: Malefic planets are going to keep on knocking your temper off and on. But Venus is saving grace for you in this period to have a controlled eye on your temperament. Keep your eye on your health. Follow a disciplined schedule to save yourself from getting entrapped into ill health. Monetary satisfaction will be experienced in this week. 

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