Weekly Horoscope: 12th July – 18th July

weekly horoscope august

Weekly Horoscope: 12th July – 18th July

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com

Aries: This period will be vulnerable for health. You need to take additional care of your daily routine. Even though adverse situation, your courage and determination will not let you stop from your goal. Your children are definitely going to add smile in your face. Financial area will be moderately good. Overall, a lukewarm week can be expected. 

Taurus: Speech is silver but silence is gold—you need to follow this rule in this period.  If your personal running period supports even mildly, accumulation of wealth can be expected. One of your long awaited wish is going to fulfil in this week. Keeping yourself away from discussion of any family affair. Stay careful, stay healthy. 

Gemini: Mind full of dilemma, planning and again confusion will be experienced. A lukewarm relation with younger siblings can be possible. You may get less benefit of your hard work. You are going to stay away from your spouse for the time being, due to any random reason. Even though unpleasant situation around, a sense of physical luxury is going to be experienced indeed. 

Cancer: Week begins with expenses for the reason which you will find trivial. You will crave for expanding your friend circle, situation around will go against your wish. String of love and romance will hardly vibrate within you in this period. You will have low propensity to trust any of your friend. Your efforts will also move in snail’s pace. Only patience can wonder.   

Leo: You will get a chance to meet wiser people still they won’t match your expectation level. Good proposal of marriage may also not be taken seriously due to your confusions. Your image of having a classy persona will be among your loved ones. You need to control your temperament to avoid any further problem.

Virgo: Work, work and work will be in your agenda of this period. Your focus will be really turned worthy. This attitude will definitely take you away from family and friends. Traders may have good time to get new deals or profit in your latest business. You are collecting sources of money which will be beneficial in future.  

Libra: You may react quickly for any of the reason which is not turning good further. Family dispute is possible in this period.  Marriage proposal can be expected in this period but it won’t get final goal due to any reason. Financial growth or sources of financial gains can be on your way in this week. A mixed bag is there for you in this week. 

Scorpio: You are planning to get into new relationship. But your approach won’t allow anybody to reach even near to it. Unexpected gain or loss can be expected. Unethical actions would not be any more under wrap. Be very cautious about your each and every action. At time, you will feel suffocated but in very next moment such feeling will disappear. 

Sagittarius: An introvert side of you will be seen with a spiritual mind in this week. Staying alone won’t be a pain for you. Your spouse will be more commanding and demanding in this period. Your effort to fulfil those demands will keep you busy. This effort also does not assure your mental peace. Overall, a lukewarm week can be expected. 

Capricorn: This period should be used preferably to communicate verbally rather than written to avoid any further problem. You can expect good news at work place. You will be missing your homeland more in this week. You may face a bit obstacles in your venture but by the weekend you will get a better situation. 

Aquarius: This period is going to keep you under influence of somebody who is not going to help you or benefitted in future. It’s better to stop, think, take time and then decide before any action. Bachelors, who have been talking about their marriage, they may tie knot or decide to do it soon. Some of you may harm yourself in the spur of anger or quick decision. Either delay or take time before finalizing any matter. 

Pisces: Your aggression will not come in public out of emotion. In short, you will have a good control over your emotion. Health condition will improve. Your coward side of personality will be prominent. Your silent working paradigm will go in your favour. A better period can be expected in this week. 

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