Weekly Horoscope:  February 21 – February 27 

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Aries: Involvement in family matters will be getting into your regular practice. Being within the boundary can do wonder for you, but a silly mistake may take you to the wrong place. You may impose yourself on your children. Dictating your terms on loved ones will not be pleasing for them. Financial satisfaction can be experienced in this period.



Taurus: You will be having some unusual situation in the workplace, but it won’t significantly harm you. A journey can be expected. If any student of this sign has been planning to apply for higher education abroad, this period can be one of the favourable periods. Your good behaviour will take you to a better place and lousy behaviour will take you to an equally bad place. Be careful.



Gemini: This period will give you a reason to spend money on or for your health. Hidden enemies or ailment may keep bothering you. Try to communicate less with your sibling to avoid any misunderstanding. You may face opinion difference with your partner but it won’t ruin relation but it definitely disturbs you. Whatever is your present condition, monetary satisfaction will be missing.



Cancer: You will be having more and more traditional approach towards your lifestyle. Enjoy this temporarily changed the mood of yours. Your expectation to reach your target will be faster than reality. Be careful with strangers or new friends. Your relation with your mother won’t be perfect, or you may expect a health issue of your mother in this period. Overall, staying out or outside people may give you more pleasure than your own people.



Leo: Full attention of your partner will be enjoyed by you in this period. Business people may get good deals or new beneficial deals in this period. Professionals can also expect better condition in the workplace. But your concern for children may keep you busy or bothering. Seasonal ailments can be expected in this period. Overall, a good week is knocking on your door.



Virgo: This period will keep you busy in studies or some creative activity. Several sources of getting income or acknowledgement of your efforts can be expected. Support from siblings can be experienced. But you may be harsh to your mother. Financial status will be moderate. Your aura will be felt positive among your people.



Libra: This planetary position will help students to perform well. Your enemies won’t be able to oppose you upfront. Travelling should be avoided for the next couple of weeks. If you have to attend any family gathering, then avoid sharing your suggestion or knowledge. Prefer public transport to commute or avoid rash driving especially in this period.



Scorpio: Mental stress for trivial issues and justifying your problem with others can be the main topic of this period. Your priority and situation won’t match. You will prefer to isolate yourself from this society or from not much-attached people. But circumstances are going to push you in that direction. Try to go for meditation and accept the situation wholeheartedly as it comes.



Sagittarius: Do not ignore even non-noticeable opponent as they can be enough to upset you. Consultants, Hoteliers, Bankers, Educators and those belong to communicate can have a good time. Your concern for your children regarding their well-being can be more prominent in your to-do list. Overall, your destiny will lead you to a righteous path in a very authoritative way.



 Capricorn: Your wisdom to make a decision as well as executing your decisions successfully can be seen in this period. You can definitely find yourself away from any fear, such a situation will give you proper insight into yourself. You may be able to turn any situation into a positive side. If you have any problem related to Blood pressure, then do not ignore it.



Aquarius: Planets show that you may plan to spend money on your children exclusively for a certain reason. Your efforts won’t go futile, but it must be a slow achievement. You can get a chance to support your father in any form. Anxiety level should be kept under proper check. A slow and moderate week can be expected.



Pisces: Meeting people from an influential background is possible. Your action can be rash and aggressive. This behaviour will reflect in your work too. Acquaintance can be a source of your benefits. Health also needs special attention. This is a good time to approach matrimonial alliances. Family expansion can be expected.


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