Weekly Horoscope: February 14 – February 20

Weekly Horoscope: February 14 – February 20


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to



Aries: Time to keep a check on your ego as well as aggression for something which is not in your control in this period. Have patience and wait for the right time. You will try to command over your children. Your strategic move to get the ball in your court will definitely work but your real persona is also going to expose among your people. Spend time with yourself and work on the needed front.
Taurus: You will try your level best to expand your work or sources of income. But lack of satisfaction with income can be experienced in this period. Your inclination towards religious activity will be more. You can expect opposition from your colleagues. Spouse or partner will be reason of concern. Your relation with father or fatherly figure can be at risk, be careful.
Gemini: Your words can be the reason of your failure in relationship with loved ones. Speak less, think more, take time to rethink and speak only after reassuring the facts. Your father will be benefitted through you but his health may be the reason of concern. Technical native of this sign will perform better in this period. Your enemies will be the reason of profit directly or indirectly.
Cancer: Behavior of your partner may be annoying for you. Over possessiveness of your spouse may be taken by you as commanding, ultimately overall situation can turn into bitter experience. Your attention towards mother may give a sense of concern. Professional area will be supportive in elevating your mood and approach.
Leo: Your persona will have an aura to attract the people around. Your authoritative approach will fetch attention of your people. Students of this sign can perform better in competitive examination. Support from boss or fatherly figure can be seen in this period. Anxiety regarding work cannot be ignored. Journey won’t be fructified in this period.
Virgo: Some of you will take this period as an opportunity to extend hands for new relationship. Don’t take it seriously, as this relationship won’t prolong. Use your words carefully to avoid any conflict in the family. Younger siblings won’t get along with you in this period. Whatever will be your attitude, but your aura is definitely going to impress the people around.
Libra: In the spurt of anger or aggression, your action can be very harsh. Being flexible will keep your surrounding positive. Go for meditation or physical workout to keep your calm and face the situation sportingly. Do not indulge yourself in any illegal action otherwise result will go bad beyond your expectation.
Scorpio: Your temperament as well as pessimism will help you to continue with isolation or solitude. Meeting people won’t please you in this period. Happiness from children can be seen. You will be in win-win situation in most of your ventures. Younger siblings, friends and neighbours will be in the helping mood. But professional aspect won’t be up to the expectation.
Sagittarius: Focusing at family and family matters may bother you at times in this week. Do not give priority to your ego in this period. This period can be one of the eventful period for you. Keep an eye on your food to avoid any health issue. Disturbed sleep or insomnia can be seen in this period. It’s advised to go for donation of any kind i.e. physical help, emotional help or financial can do wonder for you.
Capricorn: Several ideas as well as anxiety regarding different aspects of life can be expected in this period. You may impose your view and ideas on others specially your partner. This practice won’t help to maintain happiness around. Family will be your priority, at the same time your words with ego may hurt your loved ones. Avoid over communicating with them.
Aquarius: Age appropriate natives may approach you or vice versa for alliance in this period. You won’t mind spending money in luxury or pomp and show. You need to be little more careful at work or some of you may face undesirable transfer in this period. You will be missing mental peace in this period. Be more cautious in money matter.
Pisces: This period may bring good news related to progeny. Students will perform better. Your partner may be beneficial for you financially in this period. It cannot be ignored that despite all good situation around, you will find yourself emotionally helpless. Taking lead in family matters will give you pleasure. Go for meditation to remove pessimism.
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