Weekly Horoscope: 13th December – 19th Decmber

Weekly Horoscope: 13th December – 19th Decmber


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com



Aries: More effort to maintain and sustain your image among your people can be experienced. Continuous effort with a pessimistic attitude will definitely not going to give you mental peace. You will express yourself decently as well as logically. Earn through strategy or somewhat not very ethical means can be expected in this period. 


Taurus: Planets will be providing you strength to face any situation. Simultaneously, control over your tongue won’t support you. Relation with elder siblings can be dicey. Financial constraints will be experienced in these days. If you are involved in relationship, do not take it for granted. Your children may try to put a smile on your face in this period.


Gemini: Your partner will dictate you even in day to day life’s matter. Your area of concern will be your children. Those are trying to pursue higher education, this is one of the good time to apply for the same. Financial area of life will be moderately good. Your interest in occult sciences may rise in this period. Professional area may lack the stability.


Cancer: You may be enjoy this week with friends, it includes old friends too. Your disciplined lifestyle must give you positive result but for this positivity, you need to have more patience. Travelling may turn beneficial for you. Females of this sign can expect gynecological issue. Stay careful in your food habit and have only homemade food. 


Leo: This week wakes you up and takes you towards cautious communication to save your image and impression before loved ones. Health may bother you in this period. Your planning to save money is going to be successful. If you face any conflict with loved ones, try not to mess up in this week. You may discuss for the same later to avoid any dispute.


Virgo: This week will push you more towards pious approach and genuine activities. You will try to utilize your optimum resources for helping downtrodden people. You will find yourself concerned for your mother. Financial comfort can be experienced in this period. Conjugal life looks disturbed due to temperamental issues. A lukewarm week can be expected. 


Libra: Chances of facing opposition from loved ones can be expected in this period. You would avoid meeting family and friends or your relation with these people won’t be up to the expectation. By the end of this week, you may find some improvement in your physical or mental state. An opinion difference with mother can be faced in this period. 


Scorpio: Your concern will be your children or your studies in this period. Try to be flexible in your decisions. Taking advice from wise people won’t be a bad idea rather than wandering here and there. Sleeping pattern can be disturbed. You will be into some kind of quest, it depends on your area of concern. It also depends on your individual running period, this quest can me productive or disturbing. 


Sagittarius: This period brings most on the things on your platter. This situation won’t let you realise the worth of many things. Eventually, your attitude will be arrogant. Be careful, this arrogance should not be out through words before your loved ones. This may disrupt your image at workplace. A week, suggests you to be more cautious. 


Capricorn: You will be very planned and articulated about your vision of future. Your intuition will work better, go with your own conscious. Love, relationship and friendship need space to breath, this won’t be easy for you to accept. Your being possessive in some relationship may pester you. Somehow, such situation will help you to grow in the terms of focused work, concentration at work or isolating yourself from the society for focusing at work. 


Aquarius: Spending money on yourself is a very good idea but in present scenario, your money is being spent in the area which is not worth. Be careful before spending it. Health should not be taken for granted. You will be influenced by your spouse. Somehow, this condition indicates a positive signal. But do not close your eyes and draw the boundary between good and bad. Your trust should not be taken for granted. 


Pisces: Temperamental issues will continue as it had been in last week. You may be rash or rude in your approach. If your increment or promotion was due for some time, you can expect it now or news related to the same in this period. Your relation with mother looks lukewarm. You may extend your hands to help underprivileged. 

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