Weekly Horoscope – 2nd August – 8th August

weekly horoscope august

Weekly Horoscope – 2nd August – 8th August

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com 


Aries: A stronger side of your personality will be active in this phase of life. Your every step will be recognized and appreciated by people around. Your communication with your children will be more frequently in this period. But, be careful about the quality of communication, try to turn it into a positive direction. Overall, a slightly successful week can be expected. 


Taurus: You will be involved in family matters and in this process, may reasons will be found by you to spend money to rectify them. At the same time, resources won’t support your need. Eventually, a bit of frustration might be faced due to lack of resources. The best way to overcome this situation will be going on the path of truth as well as acceptance of the situation silently. 


Gemini: Several ideas and creativity of yours will be praised among your people. Your courage and steps taken to face even adverse situation is definitely going to amaze people. Your concern for mother may fetch your most of the attention. You may find it difficult to facilitate to your mother the way you want to do. It will be easy for your opponents to provoke you even for silly matter. Overall, a power pack week is ahead you. Use it or destroy it, your choice! 


Cancer: This week brings you reason to spend money to pamper yourself. Inner peace will be missing amidst all worldly pleasure. Your dual state of mind may keep you anxious about many situations around. Stay vigilant by taking proper precaution of your health. You might be thin skinned for every condition or situation around you. It’s better to adopt meditation or any other kind of physical work out. 


Leo: You might be spending money to enhance yourself or to boost your confidence by any means. There may be chances of facing misunderstanding with younger siblings. Be extra cautious while sending any important mail or written communication. Professional situation may get next leap either through verbal appreciation or through monetary benefits.


Virgo: A long awaited journey of life either in the field of profession or personal might get next step in this period. Journalists, lawyers, hoteliers or educators might get chance to prove themselves. Professionals of this sign may expect an escalation in their status. Monetary benefits can also be assured for professionals. Students will also perform better. 


Libra: Professionals may expect a promotion in this period though it is not going to happen in this period. But your expectation will be awake due to situation around. You may be either extremely religious or extremely atheist. An unplanned action may take you to wrong path. Take a breath before deciding any serious matter. Some of you may face marital dispute in this period. 


Scorpio: After almost a few weeks, your attention may be drawn towards your past love. Several pre-conceived notions about relationships may take to you nowhere. Self-introspection, meditation and self-evaluation are the important points to practice for you in this period. Rash words may take to you at wrong place with a spoilt image. Try to be calm and matured in your action and thought. 


Sagittarius: Time to stay in seclusion and introspecting yourself can be expected in this period. Your partner can bother you through a non-serious action. Eventually, your harsh tone or temperamental statement might become the reason of your own anxiety. Financial gain through hard work can be seen in this period. Even will be fructify with some obstacles. 


Capricorn: Hidden fear of self-image may prevail in this period. An old love can be back and ping you through social media. This situation is definitely going to strike your emotion in a very absurd way. Your extremely strong determination and will-power may take you either way of decision. Take your time, take a breath and then take final step. Meditation or self-exploration is strongly suggested. 


Aquarius: Circumstances may take you towards having a misunderstanding or dispute with your partner or spouse in this period. God’s grace is with you regarding money matter. Some of you may take decision without giving any serious thought about the situation. Over-confidence may take a toll on your image. Stay calm and thoughtful. 


Pisces: This week may bring your temperamental issue in family with loved ones. This may assure botheration in family peace. Financial area will be good. Your area of concern will be your children. Even students of this sign will have little tough time to focus at studies. Your fear for health and keeping yourself away from current pandemic situation will continue in same pace.  

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