Weekly Horoscope – 26th July – 1st August

weekly horoscope august

Weekly Horoscope – 26th July – 1st August

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com            


Aries: This week may be meant for accepting challenges and performing your best. The way you are going to present yourself, is another feather in your cap indeed. Amidst this hustle bustle, you are definitely being caught in the category of health ignorant people. Work is worship but health is wealth. Keep your health in the top of priority list in your daily schedule.   


Taurus: Your confidence will remain high despite unfavorable condition around. Other side of your persona will try to adopt short-cuts to reach your goal. Friends or acquaintances are certainly going to be proved as a useless people or maybe harmful too. Your opinion regarding siblings won’t be a good one but you will be able to act smart to hide your emotion. 


Gemini: Your mind is filled with plethora of ideas with a gentler outlook. Your area of concern will be either your mother or something related to home décor. Money will be spent for festivals or for any good cause. Your anxiety for family members will escalate due to surrounding.  Financial aspect of this week is good. 


Cancer: Ego in your relationship may prove an obstacle indeed in the coming days. Keep yourself abstain from getting too much involved in argument with spouse or even business partner in this week. Lack of satisfaction will be experienced regarding relationship. Justice to your hard work will be assured with a bit delay. Home sickness may strike you in this period. 


Leo: An unexpected gain of power, position, money or adulation can be expected in this period. You feeling of isolation cannot be replaced by any means in this week. Take it as this will also pass. Your work and efforts will be recognized and appreciated by colleagues and boss. You may expect an obstacle before getting any of the reward or award in any form but genuine effort assures positive results. 


Virgo: You will be genuinely involved in your work. This will be noticed too. But it will be a time taking process to reach at your goal. You will have trust issue with most of the people around. This attitude will bother your mental peace in this week. Your temperamental move may backfire you. Go slow, wise and sensible while taking any decision. 


Libra: This period suggests you to avoid taking any knee jerk decision. Marriage proposal can be looked forward. You will come across many enemies without any arm. In nutshell, you will find weak opponents to face. Monetary benefits or any other kind of financial satisfaction will be experienced in this period. Your effort to pursue your hobby will not work easily. 


Scorpio: Your mind will be hovering either around your kids or your learning process. Teachers of this sign will find it difficult to be flexible in their approach. Arrogance or trying to make someone understand the fault of other person, may spoil your image and relationship. You will be trying hard to follow ethics in your day to-day routine. Observing is better than acting without knowing anything much about your action or reaction. 


Sagittarius: You need to strive more for getting confidence in public dealing. Your genuine attempt of reaching your target, may also get delayed. Inner pleasure and happiness will be missing due to setting your expectation bar high. Your meticulous planning and implementation will keep your spirit high. Good communication will add flavor in your life. 


Capricorn: This week will bring mixed bag for you. At one side of your persona, you will represent an example of highly disciplined person while very next moment your rash side may surface up. You will have a strenuous relation with siblings. There may be contradiction in your temperament and your need of time. Such contradiction will put you at the wrong place. Be firm, sensible and determined. 


Aquarius: There may be chances of getting marriage proposal in this week with a bit delay in getting the final event done. You will have a better relation with mother than that of your spouse. It is suggested to keep a proper balance and space for each relation. Over confident attitude may lead you towards arrogance. Health needs your time. Stay fit, stay healthy. 


Pisces: You will be firm and convinced about your action and reaction. But an uncertainty will also prevail regarding your work and family. It will be difficult to choose the correct preference. But your generosity and decency will help you to face any and every situation with full of elegance. A lukewarm week can be expected.  

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