Weekly Horoscope: 4th April – 10th April

Weekly Horoscope: 4th April – 10th April

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practising Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Leading family matters and justified steps taken in this period would be definitely appreciated. You may take extreme action in any situation during these weekdays. Choice of good words can save you from any dispute. Happiness from children will be experienced. Success in education can be seen for students. Relation with younger siblings will improve.


Taurus: Temperamental issues may reiterate in your behaviour. Though, your condition won’t be worse yet your expectations about the situation may be more than the real situation. Elder siblings or Boss will be helpful in your day-to-day routine this week. Opponents will prove beneficial for you. You will find somewhat mentally relaxed this week.


Gemini: You will exhibit your courage, dignity and diligent approach at your workplace. Despite the opponents’ efforts to pull you down, you will sail through swiftly.  Relief from the matters of children will be experienced or the hope to get the solution for the same can be expected. Your persona would have some extra radiant to impress the people around you.


Cancer: Thinking of a partner or planning to move towards marital bliss can be strongly seen in this period. Better condition at mother’s front can be felt. You may plan to purchase something related to home décor. Don’t trust much on strangers or new friends. You can expect good news regarding finance. You may face a dispute with cousins. Act smart and diplomatic to avoid any worse situation.


Leo: This period fetches your attention towards your health. You can expect an unpredicted situation this week. Stay positive in your thought and approach. As the week approaches in the middle, a gradual improvement can be experienced. The situation will keep you away from home and inner peace may be missing.


Virgo: Good time for businessmen but not hassle-free. Success will definitely come your way with obstacles. You may plan a foreign trip in this period. Despite all win-win situations, you will feel emotionally, financially or physically dependent on others. Family expansion can be expected. Be flexible to make the better circumstances around.


Libra: Students will perform better in this period. Avoid rash driving. The probability of indulging in an illicit relationship or unethical activity can be expected in this period. Going for a workout or taking up passion into your daily routine will support you to come out of an unpleasant situation. The financial aspect of life will be good in this period.


Scorpio: Your concern for your partner or spouse can be assured more and more this week. At the same point, you will be supportive of your spouse. Your inclination towards spirituality or working for a noble cause seem much more in this period. Chances of facing opposition at the workplace can be expected. Money will be spent on luxuries.


Sagittarius: Strive to get your goal will keep you going to reach your destination. Nevertheless, you will find yourself incapable to find your path eventually, you will open the door of your success with your own hands. Anxiety regarding your children will keep hovering in your mind. You may spend money on modifying home décor.


Capricorn: This week brings you a reason to think about discipline, calm and systematic approach to life. Sources of income from inside and outside the country can also be expected. There can be opinion differences with siblings. You will feel commendable command over your pen or written mode of communication.


Aquarius: After a long span, you will start feeling financially comfortable. Some of you will get success in planning to have a child or getting an alliance in this period. Or some ray of hope may fall at the right place to give you an optimistic approach in life. Stay away from any argument. Health should be placed at the top position in your weekly agenda.


Pisces: You will be emotionally too involved in family and relatives. Less control over action will be experienced in this period. Your time table should have an exclusive place for a fitness regime. Students of this sign may find it difficult to concentrate at studies. The monetary side of life will be in your favour. Overall, a moderate week is ahead.

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