Weekly Horoscope: 9th February – 15th February

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Weekly Horoscope: 9th February – 15th February

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Your lord is transiting to Aries, decision taken in haste may disturb you later. You will be very agile, your agility may be definitely imposed on others. Professionally, you will be happy with the surrounding. Spouse will be supportive, if you are in mood to hear or follow. Income may fluctuate for the time being. Spirituality will give you peace.


Taurus: This period will convince you easily to spend money even for illegal reason. Stay awake about it. Your skill and communication will definitely pay you at work. At the same time you are advised to avoid written communication for any important work. Your friends will still be in beneficial side for you. Prospects of having offer from foreign land or foreign travelling can be expected in coming days. 


Gemini: Week will begin with a moderate note, as week advances, you will start having easy going routine. With a slight hurdle, your success is assured in this period. Some of you may practice to propagate an insignificant news and people may realize your words too. You may get a chance to meet your friends after long. You will be very vocal in your expression but it depends on your personal running period whether it’s going to favour you or against you. 


Cancer: Time to enjoy isolation. Sun and Mars may give you tough time to control aggression. Your professional condition will start improving gradually. You will enjoy wealth thoroughly. Students will perform better. Love life will not be as per your expectation. Travelling to religious place may be possible in coming days. 


Leo: You may face hidden enemies but you will get over them without any effort. From the middle of the week, you will start getting financial gains.  Your children will give you reason to have good time in your monotonous life. Your will be keen to know about the fashion as well as spiritual path of life.  A good week can be seen. 


Virgo: You may face a seasonal viral fever, cough or cold kind of physical issue in this week. Those, who have been suffering professional issue for last few weeks, this period will give you a hope to keep going. Some of you will be getting marriage proposals in this period. Despite adverse situation, you would not feel any financial problems as such. 


Libra:  You will strive to achieve a goal and your continuous effort will finally get your work done and goal achieved. You may get a good news if you have been planning to have a child. Your family will not be peaceful. Your partner will try to dominate you and aggression of your partner will bother you so much. You may get sudden good news at work related to your work-appreciation. 


Scorpio: Your lord is going to transit in sixth house which will give you reason to have a bit disturbed health. Your opponents will have tough time to fight with you. You may be transferred to an unwanted place or if your personal running period is not very supportive, some of you may suffer at work. 


Sagittarius: You should be more careful at work because your small mistake may prove blunder. Those who have been suffering with cough and cold or an problem related to ENT, it’s time to visit or revisit your family doctor. You will be surrounded by family and friends but to maintain the peace and happiness, your temperament should be under check.  


Capricorn: You may brew up a cup of tea in isolation, read book of your choice or express your feeling on canvas. Such circumstances may not only be experienced rather moment will be thoroughly enjoyed by you. By the end of this week, student may begin a new round of effort for their goal. Health will not go hand-in hand with financial growth. A week to rejuvenate and relive your way can be predicted.  


Aquarius: Week should begin with a note of caution of safe driving. Do not go for fast driving whatever may be condition you come across. Your friends will be jewel of your crown but other relationship will be at stake in this period. Students of accounts or communication will perform better. Your children will be reason of smile on your face. Marital happiness will not be up to the expectation. 


Pisces: Week will start with same note as it was in the previous week but now aggression of behavior may turn into aggressive in tone, which are definitely going to spoil relation with some of your loved. You will have to work hard in this period to achieve your target. You may miss inner peace and happiness in this week. A moderate week can be seen.

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