Weekly Horoscope: 6 December to 12 December

Weekly Horoscope: 6 December to 12 December


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Your mental state will be less stable. It’s better to speak less to avoid any blunder through communication. At times, you may find clueless about your future. Disappointment from kids can be expected in this period. Partner may be supportive but at the same time you will find this relation a bit rash. Monetary aspect looks good. 


Taurus: You will use your strategies or all that you could do to have your good image among your people. Your need to be more careful about health. If you have any plan to avail loan, do not go with this idea. Check your words, as there are chances of being rude with your loved ones. Your efforts will not be paid as per your expectations. 


Gemini: This week, chances of ENT problems can be expected. You may feel something is missing or anxiety of facing any unexpected incident for no reason. Take it as a pinch of salt. Your suggestions will be considered at work. Health should be enlisted at the top in the priority list. A lukewarm effect at workplace can be felt. 


Cancer: Your lifestyle will be more disciplined in this period. Marital happiness will be difficult to maintain. Friends may not be up to your expectation. Most of your mission and vision will be delayed as per your expected plan. Planning to spend money on furnishing or any interior look strong in this period. Imposing your opinions on others won’t work. Live and let live others. 


Leo: Your one point program in this period would be planning to buy land or building. If you have your own plot or building then your next venture will be to beautify it. Your expression of communication seem crystal clear and a bit harsh. You may think of doing something for the society; charity or any other sort of help to underprivileged strata.


Virgo: Even if you face a situation that needs argument or any other kind of dispute, it’s suggested to avoid and move on. Be extra cautious at workplace. There is a chance of an undesirable transfer in this period. People may not care about your intention rather your words would be taken under consideration. Financial area of life look good. 


Libra: The days of upcoming week will bring confidence in you. Pessimism as well as aggression can tarnish your overall personality. Go for self-introspection. Meditation or any physical workout is needed to drain out the negativity. Planning to accumulate money will get some directions in this period. Overall, a good period can be expected in this week.


Scorpio: Your ego may surpass the circumstances around. Temperamental issue will be another flavor to bitter the taste of life. But worldly pleasure cannot be denied in this week. You will spend money on luxury. Utilize your courage and will power in the positive direction. Your health problem may bother your peace. 


Sagittarius: Students of this sign may face difficulties to reach at their goals. Boss will be helpful in this period. Your long awaited project of foreign land may need you to visit outside the country. Under certain circumstances, you will have to stay away from the partner. Drive safe or prefer public transport in this period. 


Capricorn: This week brings determination, courage as well as vision. Your superiors may try to pull you down for next couple of weeks. An anxious mind inside you may lead you towards rash decision. Stay calm and rethink before taking any decision. Short journey won’t be successful. Your relation with younger siblings will not be up to the expectations.


Aquarius: Keep it in mind that harsh words won’t assure your success. Patience can do wonder. In short, have patience to get success in ling run. Professional area of life can be turned into your favor with sheer patience. Ignore looking at credit debit of bank account, rather have a look at the quality of life. A good week with good mind and strategy can be expected. 


Pisces: Short temper with negative emotion can toll your health. Adopt regular regime may pacify your problem. Financial growth or getting more sources of income is possible in this period. Relation with partner looks unstable for the time being. Area of concern will be your own children. Keep your emotion aside and take it as a task to help your children.

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