Weekly Horoscope: 5 December- 11 December

Weekly Horoscope : What all this Week holds for you?

Kiran Pandey Rai is back with her predictions. Check out your weekly horoscope and plan your week accordingly. One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey,

Just like we are back Weekly Horoscope, take a look at what this week holds for you and plan your week accordingly.

Weekly horoscope

Aries: Planets will make your mind very active and your thought process may become more open and expressive. Communicative skills will become more intense and this may give you a good image among your people. Matrimonial alliance may approach you or vice-versa. Good news from children or of children can be expected in this period.

Weekly horoscope

Taurus: Transit of your lord will give you reason to work more and more. Your fortune will drive you in the right direction. Professional area of life will be good. Your main concern will be your partner in this period, either in terms of health, finance or emotion. If you have been in a relationship for the last few weeks, then be aware of any sensitive matter to avoid misunderstanding.

Weekly horoscope

Gemini: This period brings you many hidden faces behind most of the faces. Be aware of any strange behavior by any random person and react normally and wisely. You will have a very positive aura around. Positive news from children can be expected or some relief in this area can be experienced. You cannot avoid expenditure due to valid reasons. Overall, a good week is on your way.

Weekly horoscope

Cancer: You may have a blended feeling of luxurious and disciplined lifestyle. Some of your reliable friends will try to dictate you the terms and conditions directly or indirectly, this can hurt you in this period. Marital life will improve in comparison to the previous one. Your wise communication is going to polish the most important area of life.

Weekly horoscope

Leo: Your concern and plan to renovate your home, shift or purchase one in near future can be there very strongly. Professional front looks better than before for most of the native of this sign. You may travel this week. Your younger sibling or neighbor can come forward to help you emotionally or in another way.Weekly horoscope

Virgo: Your goal will be very clear in your agenda and working on it must be determined for you in this period. Keep your patience alive with slow results. Eventually, Competitors would slow down their race with the time. You will have the charm to change the direction of even big decisions per your wishes.

Weekly horoscope

Libra: Your relation with neighbors, cousins or younger siblings will be very congenial. Your approach towards life will be very conventional. You will feel pleasure even in unpleasant situations. You may get an opportunity to get entrapped in some unethical deed, be careful before taking such a decision. Being less verbal and more action can affect your work.Weekly horoscope
Scorpio: Under certain circumstances, your aggression may rise up at such a level that you may forget your boundary of raising your tone. You will get benefits from foreign land or if you have been working in a foreign company, you may get a chance to travel. Your improvised communication skill will give you immense inner pleasure to be with.

Weekly horoscope

Sagittarius: This is the week of exploring situations around with respect to achievements. A religious trip can be taken up by you this week. You will be happier regarding your sources of income. Your concern towards children may disturb you in this period. Most of the time will be spent away from home.

Weekly horoscope

Capricorn: This is the week of friends and acquaintances. You will come across many friends through social sites or physically in this period. This can be a mixed bag of memories to carry forward. Professional area will give you some hope and scope for the near future. Your inclination towards relationships may keep you busy mentally. Some of you may get news of progeny or planning to extend the family in this period.

Weekly horoscope

Aquarius:  You may have the feeling of being in a better position than your expectation. This feeling may take us towards pride and prejudices. Walk, stop, think and then again walk on the righteous path of life. You will get luxuries even in scarcity. Your expenditure will have a list of luxurious items and some charitable things.

Weekly horoscope

Pisces:  Your planets are indicating you as a more confident person in this period. Your rash decision can be questionable but courageous actions will be definitely appreciated. Your pessimism can be lighter this week. You must double check your mail or any written messages before sending it to others.

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