Weekly Horoscope: 3rd January – 9th January

Weekly Horoscope: 3rd January – 9th January

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: This week of New Year brings you confidence as well as reasons to enjoy the beginning of the year. You will be able to manage the situation through strategic words. You may put forward your steps towards spirituality in this period with more disciplined way. Obstacles or small hassle would not stop your determination. Amidst all positive surroundings, you will miss the happiness from your partner or spouse in this period.


Taurus: This week brings you restless mind with lot of planning. Your younger sibling can be your strength. Your determination as well as courage to give them a shape is definitely going to play a vital role in your happiness. Some of you may get news regarding your inheritance and it will work in your favour. Maintaining a peaceful approach with partner will add flavor in this period.


Gemini: Talking less will do wonder for sure. Adopt this practice for few weeks to listen more and express your emotion less as much as possible. Your concern will be your family. By sheer over thinking, you can make them your weakness. Try to make them your strength. At times, you will feel the situations around you are out of your control.


Cancer: You are influenced by many planets. Consequently, pessimism will hover in your planning. Your expectations from friends will be more than what you are going to avail. Professional area will be good. There is a possibility to miss your mother or motherland in this period. Business people will get profit in their dealings.


Leo: This period brings strive for you for most of your ventures. You may plan to leave your workplace or mother land for work. Money will be spent for health or any legal issue in this period. Hidden enemies may surface up without mask. But your luck will keep you going on the path of success, if your individual running period also supports.


Virgo: Your focus can be either your studies or your offspring more in this period. You will get mental or financial support of mother to get your goal in this week. You may get different sources of income or those who had been waiting for work, they may get an offer in this period. You may be rude or rash with younger siblings. Getting involve into new relationship is quiet possible.


Libra: This week will have special cooperation of your partner in your professional or personal growth. You may show your courage at your own people which is not going to leave any good image of your on them. Reluctance may land you at wrong place. But you will be able to convince people with your own belief.


Scorpio: Your lord is giving you power and strength but at the same time feeling of solitude cannot be ignored in this week. You may spend money in travelling. Your mission will take time to get accomplished. But if hard work has been done then result will be assured in your favour. Your pending payment may be released in this period. Overall a lukewarm week is on your way.



Sagittarius:  This week will focus on your family and friends. They will add colour in your life. Few colleagues will act as silent enemies. They may bother you mentally but they can’t change your position at workplace. You may plan to inflate your bank account and you are going to get success in such plan. Your ego will speak more than the reality. Keep a check.


Capricorn: This planetary position will favour you to get your goal with the least of obstacles. Your influence on your partner will be more in this period. Sudden change at work can be expected. You will be benefitted from elder sibling but it may be difficult for you to maintain relationship. Take time to leap into any conclusion or before deciding any big plan, rethink.



Aquarius: Students will apply for higher education or get chance to pursue higher education. For the same reason, students with this sign are going to spend money. Health should be taken seriously. There is a chance of involving in charity, donation or any spiritual activity including meditation. Avoid to avail loan, legal issues or facing opponents as much as possible in this period.


Pisces: You may get into touch with influencing people. This is the time to take major role in family affair. Draw a line of discipline in your food pattern, do not ignore it in the name of New Year celebration, otherwise this will disturb your digestion process. You will get many sources to earn and save money in this period.

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