Weekly Horoscope: 31st January – 6th February

Weekly Horoscope: 31st January – 6th February

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This period will lead you towards your duty, if your personal period of supporting planets are going, then you can expect a wonderful appreciation of your work. Using appropriate words in your dealing will help you to sail through any condition. Your siblings will give you a reason to smile. Health should be kept at the top of your weekly agenda.


Taurus: Your interest towards religion or religious activity, spirituality or any activity which belongs to the progress of our society may excite you and pull you in that direction. You may feel little relaxation from your children’s side. Expenditure can be more than income in this period. Overall, a good period is knocking your door.


Gemini: Life will take a sudden turn in different matters, very differently. Take care of your eating habit. Control and balance your taste buds to avoid any health problem. Avoid giving suggestions to others. You may cross hurdles with flying colours. Friends from different walk of life will come forward to help and support you in this period.


Cancer:  Several suggestions can be expected from the partner or married people can expect so many guidelines from their spouse. Time to get success in your undertaken venture in this period. Your main target should be to balance your emotion and avoid the silly issue to be bothered. Students will take interest in studies. Those are into a relationship, they can face break-ups in this period.


Leo: This week brings a fumbling approach towards most of the decisions in your life. Situations may be against your wishes and situations. But this will also be passed with little obstacles, indeed. Students or those who are appearing for competitive examinations, this is a good period to go through. Businesspersons should be more careful in their dealings.


Virgo: Melancholy, seclusion and detachment can be felt in this period. Several thoughts will crop-up and this can bother your mental peace. Little upheavals may be faced in this period if you have been into any relationship. Students will try to concentrate on their studies and most of them will get success in their target.


Libra: This period is to meet and greet your family and friends. If you use a wise thought then this meeting with family and friends can turn into a healthy meeting or this can be experienced into the sour taste. If you are applying to pursue higher studies in a foreign land, this is the right time. A mixed approach towards life may confuse and disturb your mental peace.


Scorpio: Time to make your road on your own. You are going to build your castle on your own and the sense of success will give you amazing strength. Your discipline and efforts will lead you towards your goal. Journalists of this sign will be indulged into aggressive writing. Chances of getting involved in a relationship with an old acquaintance or somebody from the neighbourhood.


Sagittarius:  There is a possibility of facing a family dispute or opinion difference with family members. Too much involvement in family matters won’t be beneficial for you in this period. Delay, if the family needs your suggestion or decision. You can expect gains from in-laws or money which you lent it long back, you may get it back.


Capricorn: Your attitude will be too much self-centred. Your area of concern will be very much limited. Such behaviour may not be appreciated by your acquaintances. Family support is definitely helping you in this period. Planets will guide you the right direction to get your goal, but another side of your plan might keep you confuse to execute it. Amidst all these situations, your success is assured.


Aquarius: You need to show your endeavour for every of your ambition. The area of concern will be only your continuous effort even for a silly situation. Many adverse conditions may keep your decisions hovering around you. Go slow and steady to ensure achievement. Money can be spent in hospitalization or any unexpected good reasons too, it depends on your personal running period.


Pisces: Health should be your priority this week. You will opt to go with spicy food, but do not forget your health and your limitation. The financial aspect will give you satisfaction. You will get extra support from your partner. Spirituality would give you contentment. Your sleeping pattern might get disturbed. In short, you need to stay safer and conscious.

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