Weekly horoscope: 5th January -11th January

Weekly horoscope 16 February

Weekly horoscope: Astrology: 5th January -11th January

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: You will try your level best to earn money. You urge to get money will push you hard to do work. You may earn through communication or travelling. Your inclination towards spirituality will be more, either in form of pilgrimage or funding somebody for religious activity. Health needs more attention and specially if you have blood pressure problem, stay careful.


Taurus: You would plan to visit any fancy place with family. You will be able to make a long story out of nothing. This habit of talking more than required may land you at wrong place. Even at work also whether you do anything or not but prefer being quiet. You would like to go for self-introspection or some of you will plan for research. 


Gemini: You will be easily tamed by your partner in this period. Anxiety will be there for several self -made reasons. You will be content with your financial status. Mother will improve health wise and give you the reason to smile. Inculcate the habit of going for work out in park or gym daily. Opponents will try to push you down but it won’t affect you much. 


Cancer: Your idea and ideology will work wonder among your people. You will get money or plan for investing money for saving it for future. You will feel surrounded with many duties but other side of mind will wake you up into an aggressive personality. If you have any gynecological problem, do not ignore it. A moderate week can be expected.  


Leo: You will enjoy company of children. Some of you would like to try their hands in lottery or stock market. Unethical actions or thoughts may prevail. Health of spouse may be bothering factor for you in this period. You will sound subdued among your people. You will be struggling among few dilemmas existing around with loved ones.  


Virgo: This period will have its vice and virtue. Mother will be reason of your concern. You would not be very comfortable mingling with friends or relatives. Elder sibling may help you emotionally or financially. Professionally, this will be a good period. But businessmen should delay their deals for the time being. Be careful about your electronic gazettes. 


Libra: You will have to take main decision or your opinion may matter very much in any serious decision in family affair. Support from mother’s family or mother can be expected in this period. You may have a fear of facing something strange in your life. Marriage can be expected in this week or in a couple of week. Family expansion can be seen. 


Scorpio: You will be very agile and sensible too. Your effort of balancing your aggression as well as reaction would be commendable. You would like to confine within your family. You will get source of financial growth. Your decent approach will be appreciated. Dispute with spouse can be expected. You will be little confused about few decisions about your kids. 


Sagittarius: Your commanding attitude will keep others startled which you don’t do normally. Specially your kids may retaliate. Decisions related to business or any public matter should not be taken in haste. Your workaholic approach will keep you going despite other adverse conditions. You need to go for meditation or other physical activities. 


Capricorn: A pleasant mood with parental bliss in your life. Expenses will be more than expectation. You may plan a travel in calendar of near future. Opponents will not find it easy to face you. Planning of pursuing higher education or working for upliftment of children in society will be there in your mind.  


Aquarius: Your friends or acquaintance would not be able to reach your expectation level. Your effort to compensate it by spending money on other sources of recreation would be found more in this period. You may face argument at workplace. Your impetuous behavior will not only disturb your colleagues, ultimately it can bother you too. 


Pisces: Your preference will be to work and work that too without any intervention. Seclusion will be enjoyed by you. Your creativity or inclination towards art & culture will be noticeable. Marital happiness will be missing definitely due to some reason. Financial security will be experienced. Overall, a good period can be expected.

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