Holi 2021: Weekly Horoscope 28th March – April 3rd

Weekly Horoscope 28th March - April 3rd

Weekly Horoscope 28th March – April 3rd – What all Holi will bring for you?  

Weekly Horoscope – Holi 2021 is around the corner and we all are geared up for the preparations.  Holi brings along a lot of happiness and fun. It is a time to cherish with your family. Kiran Rai Pandey has compiled Holi special predictions Check Holi 2021 will bring for you. Check out your Weekly Horoscope and plan your week accordingly.

Holi Special: Things you should do on Holi according to your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Too much vocal and commanding approach will reflect on your personality. There will be mixed feeling altogether this week. Striving to reach your goal will keep continuing this week too. A good period for occultists or Researchers can be seen. Income and expenses will have a proper balance this week.

Stay in control in this festival, avoid having alcohol or such things with or from strangers. Keep yourself away from false words to show your worth among your people.

Taurus: Highly aggressive behaviour with loved ones will keep you anxious in this period. The health of your spouse may be the reason for concern this week. Students of this sign will have a good time. A female colleague may create a problem at the workplace, if you have not come across such a situation, then stay careful for such circumstance in near future.

Do not be impulsive with your loved ones. Celebrate your festival preferably with blue and off white colours.

Gemini: Your smart and strategic movement will keep you sailing through the not very easy circumstances at the workplace. You can expect undesirable deputation or transfer in this period. Money will be spent on health or anything related to improving health condition. Be careful of masked people or hidden enemies.

Go with the green colour in this colour festival. Donate something to eunuch on this festival.

Cancer: Your behaviour will be too much old school for others. Consider other’s views and opinion in your decisions to get better results. Working place may have a better environment in comparison to last year. The overall pace of work and the time of reaching the destination may be slow.

Prefer red, orange or pink colour on this occasion. Donating edible oil, black articles of any type of coal will give you happiness.

Leo: You will be a bit subdued and avoid mingling. Your health may also get hit by planets. Take care of even small health problem and visit your doctor. The professional area of life will give you enough pleasure to go through most of the tough situation smoothly. Only one suggestion to enjoy this moment more is to avoid giving suggestions to others.

Prefer white or light shades of any colour. Give something to your Guru, teacher or elderly person.

Virgo: You will be more concerned about spouse, partner or your public image. This approach will keep you on the toe. Relax, try to do your best but don’t disturb your peace of mind. As the week advances, your financial growth will be taken the right path. You will enjoy isolation or staying away from relatives in this period.

Feed cow or donate a cow to any Brahmin on this occasion. Go with green or off white colour.

Libra: This week brings a concern for health. Ignoring physical condition won’t be a good choice. You can expect a legal notice in this week, if you had been going through such a condition. Do not get over-excited or rash on the road while driving, especially in this period. You will have better command and liking of tradition and culture by the end of this week.

Use blue or black colour in any form. Plant seeds of fruit or donate yellow fruits or clothes.

Scorpio: Your respect for your partner will be more and you appreciate every activity of your partner. Your effort to work for a religious activity will be successful. You may take up pilgrimage in this period. Benefits in any form can be expected. Have healthy food otherwise digestion problem may bother you.

Eat and drink in limit and healthy. Go in red and orange colour.

Sagittarius: Your attention will be towards family more. You may plan your financial area for the future. Blood pressure may disturb you. Do not think much about any area of life as nothing is permanent. Source of income will get its own way to enter. You may put effort to reach your destination and you will be in a win-win condition too.

Go with yellow colour. Plant a fruit-bearing plant’s sapling. 

Capricorn: Your punctuality and being over disciplined may disturb others and make you proud. But at the beginning of the week, lukewarm results will be seen. Wait for the second half of the week. Dispute with younger siblings can be expected. Avoid rash action or words with loved ones. Work place looks better after the first half of the week.

Go with blue or black. Donate yellow articles on this occasion.

Aquarius: Week will begin with the same pace and note. But eventually, peace of mind will start disappearing. Your harsh word or illogical at times may be one of the reasons for any disturbance. Health may improve and expenses on health will also eventually decrease. Take a trip to pacify your mind.

Black articles should be adopted while a donation of yellow articles will give you mental peace.

Pisces: So many adverse conditions and preconceived notions will keep on hovering in your mind to bother you. Do not let such thoughts get command over you. Go for meditation or any other work out to strengthen you mentally.

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