Weekly Horoscope: 27th December – 2nd January

Weekly Horoscope: 27th December – 2nd January


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com



Aries: This period brings confidence and self-realization of many situation. You may speak, to the point, with your loved ones. Do not let the emotion comes out through words. Money flow will not be stable but definitely good. Students will get success in their field. Native of this sign may have difference of opinion with their children. Keep calm, practice patience.  


Taurus: Time to have mental strength with anxiety for some reason can be experienced in this period. You will make your own path to walk. Aggression should be shown at work, not at home or with loved ones. Otherwise, this may disturb the New Year mood of the family members. Lukewarm relation with younger sibling can be expected. Travelling should be taken up, if it is necessary. 


Gemini: This week brings strength not only in your own decision and persona but your words are also being very authoritative with your people. Be careful while using. Some people may take your words in positive way but not all. Your romantic life will move a bit but won’t take a proper shape and chances of land at wrong end. 


Cancer: This week will take out your creativity at its best. Your anxiety level will be high and chances of missing your loved ones will be felt in this week. But your image is definitely going to shine due to your determination and tireless efforts. You will be least interested in the matter of romance or worldly pleasure. A successful week is ahead you. 


Leo: Your inclination towards studies or your kids will be more in this period. Students of this sign will be able to focus at their work easily. Your skill will be recognized and it may add flavor in your financial growth or status growth. Money can be spent in hospital or charity. Health needs your attention. Professional front will be satisfactory. 


Virgo: Your happiness through your work and integrity will be experienced in this week. Your word might be strong but these words will have some signification for others too. It’s good to speak your mind with polite words for other’s benefits. Chances of disturbances in family can be expected. You may come across into a relationship with an older person. 


Libra: Your concern will be your family which can be made the best place to enjoy the New Year or if taken it liberally, then you may disturb your New Year eve. Sudden loss or gain can be expected. Father’s support can be seen in this period. Some of you may take up pilgrimage in these days. Your efforts will be appreciated. 


Scorpio: Health needs your care and medical attention for most of the people of this sign. Work will give you monetary satisfaction. Situation will go according to your wish. In short, you are going to enjoy New Year eve with full blast. There are chances of meeting a new person in life from neighborhood.  Overall a financially strong week can be expected on your way. 


Sagittarius:  Your deeds will pay you accordingly. Most of the native with same sign  will behave workaholic. Good deed will churn good fruit and bad deed is going to yield you bad results. Financial aspect will be moderately fine. Avoid eating outside and go for homemade food to avoid any health issues. Break-up can be expected in this period. 


Capricorn: You will be concentrating in family, yourself as well as society. Taking so many responsibility without getting proper channel may land you at wrong place. You will enjoy your self-earned money with dignity. It is suggested to seek guidance from an authentic person for taking any measure decision whether you are expert in the concerned area or not. 


Aquarius: There may be prospects to spend money in travelling or health-issues in this period. You may face enemies and you are going to give them hit upfront. It is advised to avoid picking any fight or indulging yourself in such action. Professional front looks good in this period. Journalists of this sign should be more careful in publishing any disputed news. 


Pisces: Meeting influential people is possible in these days. Health issue related to stomach can be expected. Enjoying New Year party and going out for dinner should be done at a reliable eating joint. In these days, you can expect good changes in your children’s career or studies. Even students of this sign can expect success. Overall, a good period to walk with careful eyes will work wonder.


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