Weekly horoscope: 26th January to 1st February

Weekly horoscope 16 February

Weekly horoscope: 26th January to 1st February

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: This week alarms you to stay cautious about your health. If you are allergic to anything, take extra care. Pilgrimage or any spiritual activities can be possible in this period. A stranger or an old acquaintance may come in contact. You are going to take a fearless but appreciable decision. A ray of hope will fall on your way regarding certain area of life which had been bothering you for last few months. 


Taurus: Travelling related to work will be beneficial. Opportunity of financial growth can be expected in this period. You may take up strategic steps at work. Your action will be praised due to your agility and zeal shown. Those business persons, who have been dealing in import-export or anything related to foreign land, will have profit in this period. 


Gemini: Your inclination towards research work, spiritual sciences or inheritance will be suddenly awake after long span. Your decent approach towards many factors of life will make you winner everywhere. This will be better to keep yourself away from any legal matter related to land or building. Business of cosmetics or any luxurious items will be flourishing in this period. 


Cancer: This period assures you luxurious items. Your aggression will be under your control. But you won’t be able to control the situation rises of and on to provoke you to retaliate in any form. Marital discord is possible. Marriage proposals or planning to tie knot with your love can be finalized in this period. A good time for students of this sign is possible. 


Leo: This week will expose the faces of your enemies before you. Chances of opening old court case if you have any such record in your part. Rash driving should be strictly no-no in this period. Parental support will be experienced, in the form of mental or financial. Financial security will be felt. Most of your mission will be accomplished. 


Virgo: This planetary condition will keep you adamant in your decision. Such state of mind may effect your work too. More work for less earning will make you feel under paid for your work. Seclusion will be preferred by you in this period. Your relation with father will not be good or you may be bothered by father’s health in this period. 


Libra: Love, relationship and romance can be the highlighted points of the week. At time, your action and approach will be taken as a bossy attitude specially in this period. Some of you may get job proposal or any business opportunity. Air travel should be avoided in this week. Your kids will give you the reason to smile. A good week is coming on your way. 


Scorpio: Your behavior will be very dominating and bossy with spouse. If you are involved in any malpractice then this is the high time to stop it and move on. Your hard work will definitely and genuinely be paid very soon. Misunderstandings may prevail in this period. Sources of income will be shared to you by your friends.


Sagittarius: Your words will be harsh to accept by loved ones. Your artistic knack will be surfaced up again after a long time. You would prefer to stay alone and self-introspect. Expenses will be more. Financial status will be satisfactory. Your anxiety for unknown reason can create problems of next level. Students will perform well. 


Capricorn: Time to get into new relationship. You may come across somebody through workplace and this relationship will go a long way. You will spend money for renovating or home décor. Family will work as pillar for your emotional or financial support. You will start getting back your confidence after a long time..


Aquarius: This week will keep you anxious about your relationship with loved ones. Some of those who have been in habit of spending money in lottery or in share market, may face loses in this period. Your relation with mother will not be good. Take care of  food otherwise you may land into bad health. 


Pisces: Your involvement in good deed in the form of charity or working for under privileged will be more. Your relation with family will improve a bit. Financial growth can be assured or even planning of the same can be experienced. Mixed emotional feeling will be found. Family dispute may be possible. 

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