Last Predictions of 2021: Weekly Horoscope : 26 December-1 January

Weekly Horoscope : Let’s find out what all is there in store for you this week?

Kiran Rai Pandey is back with her predictions. Check out your weekly horoscope and plan your week accordingly. Here is what the last week of 2021 holds for you. 2021 wasn’t a great year but it has actually taught us a lot of things. 

Weekly horoscope

Aries: New Year begins with a very much focused attitude towards yourself. This period will lead you in the path of isolation, self-introspection and seclusion. Your workplace won’t be very friendly in this period. The best relief for this week will be your balanced communication with the people. Marital happiness can be assured this week.

Weekly horoscope

Taurus:  The New Year starts with a lot of strategies to be implemented in upcoming days. You must be very vocal in your planning and execution of the same among your people. Some of you won’t be able to draw a line between needed and not needed words while communicating with the loved ones. Professional area will be satisfactory.Weekly horoscope
Gemini: This New Year begins with the change in your behavior with your partner. You may find your partner more demanding. Handle the situation in a subtle way. Health may be a concern in this period but aspect of benefits won’t make it worse. The students of this sign will perform better. Your main area of concern can be children.

Weekly horoscope

Cancer:  The New Year begins with muddled plans for upcoming days. Your tendency to work or travel more for/to foreign land. It’s good to wait for the right time to make any big decisions regarding foreign land. Technical students will find it easier to appear for any interview. Delay any legal issue for some time, if possible. Health is another vital point to be taken care of.

Weekly horoscope

Leo: This week begins with the thought of profession and kind of undesirable transfer or postings. You will keep on thinking about profession or sources of income. Changes in home décor or vehicle can be expected in this period. Some of you may get involved in a new relationship. Overall, a good time is on your way.Weekly horoscope

Virgo:  This New Year for students begins with a good sign. They will take interest in studies, indeed. You must be finding a bit of a change in your trust issues which you had earlier with others. Your source of accumulation of wealth can get some obstacles in this period. Being vocal for your rights is highly recommendable.

Weekly horoscope

Libra:  This New Year may bring a lot of short journeys. Planets will provide you opportunities to meet people or if you are into politics, then good time to be public and interact with people.  You may hesitate to take any initiative in family matters. You might be involved in something unfair or unscrupulous. Be careful.Weekly horoscope
Scorpio: The New Year begins with a lot of communication with friends and family. The quality of talk must be taken care of because many planets are influencing your communication.  You will be lacking confidence in yourself. Being secretive in nature, you won’t find it healthy to discuss in public but internally something you must be missing. You can expect happiness from your partner.Weekly horoscope
Sagittarius: New Year begins with care, Cuddling and communication with your partner for you. Make this communication fair to build a good atmosphere around. Fun and recreation with friends can also be assured in this period. Your monetary position looks good, indeed. Mother’s health can be a cause of concern in this period. If you have been waiting for any inheritance, then this is the right time to take a step ahead.

Weekly horoscope

Capricorn: The New Year begins with a leisurely mood with family and friends. In the beginning of this week, your strict approach towards life will remain as the previous week. Mid-week onwards, you will try to enjoy the situation eventually. Most of the time, your reaction may be very prompt and harsh. Chances of getting some connection from foreign land cannot be denied.

Weekly horoscope

Aquarius: Year begins with a good planetary position. The week has some unpleasant situations at work but it won’t disturb your normal schedule. Your behavior may hurt your father. Be cautious while using words to communicate with loved ones to continue the happiness of this period. Friends may drop by your places to celebrate New Year.

Weekly horoscope

Pisces: Year starts with a valorous approach towards life. You may make some decisions without knowing the consequences. It’s better to avoid making decisions in haste. Happiness from a partner can’t assure its quality. Your work place won’t be very enticing for some reasons. All you need to do is take a vow to continue with some workout or meditation, if possible.

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