Weekly Horoscope: 26th April – 2nd May


Weekly Horoscope: 26th April – 2nd May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Your schedule will revolve around your profession or any work whatever you do, your involvement will be more. Ego may create a hassle with co-workers. For Businesspersons, partner will accept your instructions easily with less efforts. You will get sources or ideas of accumulating wealth. A good week is heading towards you.


Taurus: Sense of suffocation will be felt in this week. Simultaneously, your strong will-power and determination will help you to sail through this condition smartly. Financial security will be satisfactory. Professionally, you will have better time. Students of this sign may get stuck with adverse situation but your confidence will not deter you from your goal.


Gemini: Meeting with influential people and getting benefitted in any term can be the agenda of this week. Enjoying time by donating money to underprivileged or working for the society will give you happiness in real sense. Students will perform well. Situation will compel you to think about your kid. Either you will be missing your kids more or any other concern about child will be more in this period. 


Cancer: Week of relationship, planning of marriage, relishing good friends will be the main points. At the same time, who are married, may have difficult time in the relation with family members. Financial growth can be experienced in this period. You will be extremely critical about your public image. Your way of presenting any task will escalate your position.


Leo: Get ready to face many criticism and arguments at work place. But, at the same time you will feel protected due to planetary position. Your charisma can be experienced by the people around you. This is one of the good period financially as well as professionally. You may feel sigh of relief, as some issues have been bothering your mind for last few weeks, which may be sorted out. 


Virgo: Despite temperamental approach of yours towards most of the thing, you personally feel relaxed and better.  Most of your mission will be able to accomplish in these days. With little efforts, you will be able to concentrate at work. Health may not that supportive for you but situation will make it easier to fight back. A better time can be expected. 


Libra: Your style of work may be appreciated in terms of words or compensated with financial benefits. Spouse will be source of strength in this period. You may face argument with younger siblings. Better to avoid such condition and divert your goal or point of conversation with younger siblings should be very careful.


Scorpio: You will strive for getting your goal until you get it. Planets are supporting you to reach your goal. You may interfere more in the matter of your children, which won’t work positively. Students of this sign can expect result better than their expectation. Expenditure will be more than your expectation. 


Sagittarius: Your will be spending good family time in this period. Your focus will be of course children and family members. Anxiety can be seen throughout this period. Your relation with partner looks better. Mother may be your concern more in this week. Students will definitely enjoy this period to explore more in the field of education or learning. 


Capricorn: Traditional opinion about human life will prevail in you and your approach. You won’t leap into any conclusion. For every action, you may take longer time than usual. Creativity will be at the best in you. Students will have good time to have a calm and cool state of mind. Parental support will be more. Such condition will give you strength to experience better things in this period. 


Aquarius: Your relation with mother may improve. Planning to spend money for home décor or any luxurious passion is very much possible. Even though all favourable condition around, you will feel yourself isolated. Your habit of thinking out of box and instant reaction may land you at wrong place. A good week can be seen on your way.  


Pisces: With a pessimistic thought, you will lead your routine life. You can expect financial condition either stable or better. Happiness from children can be expected in this period. Siblings may come closer to you. Number of thoughts will come in your mind and keep scaring you. But mind it, it’s just self-created picture which can create fear in you.

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