Weekly Horoscope: 24th October – 30th October

Weekly Horoscope: 24th October – 30th October


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Strength from inside and decency from outside will be maintained by you. Your potential to face any situation with elegance will be appreciated indeed. But it is difficult to see you at the same congenial relation with your partner or spouse. You may come across where your kids will oppose your suggestions. The best part of this period will be immense patience. 


Taurus: You seem to be more inquisitive about many things around. Such approach is definitely going to create more anxiety in you. Chances of getting involve into new relationship can be seen. Result of your efforts won’t be visible in this period. Businessmen of this sign may get proposal from foreign land or from far place. Your anxiety will remain same. 


Gemini: You may face opposition at work place but your courage to face the situation will be equally stronger. Children will be concern of the week for you. Your relationship won’t go very smooth. Home- sweet home feeling will be missing in this period. This situation can be either due to over expectation from family. Student will perform well. 


Cancer: Cancer sign people may find it hard to fight the battles to reach their goals for last few weeks. One of the good planetary exchange promises determination to go and get your goals rather than believing sheer in destiny. You may feel secluded and at times timid with jealous factors in your approach. Time to self-introspect yourself. 


Leo: Time to strive for your right and ambitions in this period. But you may get help in any form from here and there. You will be very vocal in any planning or decisions. Your concern towards kids or study and romance for students can be the main concern of this period. It won’t be easy to achieve your target and at the same time it will be assured too. “What you sow, so shall you reap” can be experienced in this period. 


Virgo: Your relation with family and comfort from them can be assured. Still, a suggestion to avoid harsh tone with loved ones or anybody should not be ignored. You may have mild quarrelsome time with spouse in this period. Romantic life will be in dicey state for the time being. Income won’t reach up to the level of expectation. 


Libra: Arrogance with anger issues may tarnish your image, if emotion won’t be controlled properly. Your anxiety related to elder sibling or sources of income may disturb you. You may spend money on luxuries or rectifying health issues. Planning marriage or settling down should be avoided in this period. Overall, a lukewarm week is assured. 


Scorpio: Planning for patch-up or reunion with old friends or married couples who had been staying away from last few weeks can be expected. But it will take time to settle the situation in this period. Your level of expectation and satisfaction from your kids or from your studies won’t match. This situation will disturb your mental peace. Go for physical work out as well as self-introspection. 


Sagittarius: You may feel uncomfortable even in your own shelter. And reason won’t be realized or noticed by you till now. Spouse will facilitate you and please you in this period. You will face a feeling of getting less outcome out of more efforts. But destiny will keep you going without obstacles with slow pace. 


Capricorn: Your being disciplined with courageous approach towards life may take you to the extreme side of the life. It will be difficult for you to maintain relation with siblings in this week. There is a chance of change at work place. Avoid taking any decision without guidance of a trustworthy person. You will lack the surrounding of friends. 


Aquarius: This week will bring anxiety with negative emotion. Less income with more expenses can be the scene of this week. Your argument with father can be expected. Try to maintain distance and avoid unnecessary argument. Your parents will be main concern of this week. Unmarried people can get proposals or they may plan to take step towards it. 


Pisces: Your impulsive attitude indicates disturbed relationship with spouse in this period. One side of your persona shows your romantic part while other side shows aggression as well as destructive attitude towards relationship with loved ones. Taking up meditation or any physical exercise will help you to lead a better life. 

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