Weekly Horoscope: 24th January – 30th January

Weekly Horoscope: 24th January – 30th January

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Pious thought with the balanced approach will add a flavour in your persona. You will come across people younger than you in age. Your friend circle will increase in this period. You might get stuck with the pile of work. Avoid imposing yourself on your partner’s decision. Your relation with in-laws can be worse. Income or sources of income may get fluctuated in this period.


Taurus: Your work and direction of work will be towards spirituality or something related to religious activity indeed. Maintaining sensitivity in the relationship with siblings or neighbours is highly needed in this week. You will have a mixed attitude towards most of the activity in your life. Your inclination towards ‘in quest of reality’ will be more.


Gemini: Your words will be more logical and analytical in this week but try to draw a thin line between being rude and logical. If your running period won’t support you then your words may bounce back to you. You may face little botheration at the workplace but after mid of the week, the situation will improve. Opponents will keep on disturbing you secretly. But they won’t be able to harm you significantly.


Cancer: This native should take extra measures to sustain their relationship in this period. Your partner’s behaviour may cause you to botheration in this period. Gains can be predicted in the terms of finance or name & fame. You may experience losing patience in gaining your goal in your expected speed. The temperamental issue will add another problem in maintaining a relationship.


Leo: This period is more towards health attention as well as beware of opponents. Overconfidence won’t work for you in this period. Your subtle approach may take you to a better place. The financial area of life looks good. Your opponents will indirectly affect your peace of mind. Delay the matter of legal, if anyone is pending or expected. Loan or any sort or lending money would not go in your favour.


Virgo: Your eating habit may disturb your health. You won’t be in the mood to mingle with friends and siblings. Travelling should be avoided during this period. Prospects of getting financial gains and rewards in any form can be seen, if you put effort for the same. Your words can hurt your family and friends. Several ideas and creativity will guide your path to success.


Libra: Planning to renovate your home or home décor can be expected in this period. You will be happy with your gains. Your temperament will be the only device to keep you happy or unhappy. Be careful while driving. Students of this sign, if involved in accountancy work, will get benefitted in terms of promotion or increments or get some news of the same to take place in the near future.


Scorpio: This period is packed with travelling or short journeys. Time to stay isolated and self-introspect but keep your anger at bay. Marital happiness will be missing. But your children are definitely going to give you strength. The situation will turn according to your wish with a slow pace. Professional area of life won’t go as per your expectations. Expenditure will be more than earning.


Sagittarius: This week brings your concern towards family but you should not get involved in blabbering about your achievements before others. Do not take opponents and their views in a lighter note. The professional area won’t be very smooth. The financial aspect of life will be good. Gains from in-laws or inheritance can be expected. A sudden event can also be seen in the coming days.


Capricorn: This week fetches your attention towards yourself and you will be very much self-obsessed. A lot of fluctuations in the behaviour of loved ones can be experienced in this week. Relation with elder siblings should be taken under the scanner. Do not invest money in a lottery or in any unauthenticated plans in this period.


Aquarius: You may plan to spend money on travelling or any other kind of luxury in this period. Diabetics should be more careful regarding their lifestyle. In general, also, you are advised to stay careful in the activities of your day-to-day life. Some of you may suffer from insomnia. Your restless mind will find it difficult to stick into your relationship. This is one of the finest periods to apply for a foreign land.


Pisces: This week gives you an opportunity to roam among influential people. Students of this sign will get a plethora of creative ideas which eventually put you at the righteous path. Your behaviour with elder siblings needs extra care. Your courage to take any decision would be really appreciable. Overall, a good period is on your way to relish.

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