Weekly Horoscope: 23rd February – 29th February

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Weekly Horoscope: 23rd February – 29th February

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Some of you will get an opportunity to take-up a short journey.  Your concern towards your father will be seen a bit more in this week. Though your sources of income won’t be up to the mark, still your level of satisfaction may complement it perfectly. There is a possibility of miscommunication with family members. You are going to enjoy worldly pleasure in any condition. 


Taurus: Meeting with different kind of people or getting into new relationship can be seen in this period. Venture taken up in this phase and travelling regarding the same will be beneficial. Professional front will be satisfactory. Health of spouse may keep you a bit upset. Those who are into business, should be more careful to avoid any sudden ups and downs in their work.


Gemini: Your spouse will be guiding you as well as getting suggestions from you. Overall, a cordial relation with spouse or partner can be experienced. Try to delay or avoid any legal issue to get into in this period. Speak only if it is not avoidable, because your words may hurt loved ones due to their transparency. 


Cancer: Malefic planets’ effect will keep you temperamental in your approach. Time to rejoice with an old friend after long time is also being indicated by the current planetary position. Marriage proposals can be expected for the eligible people of this sign in this period. Your enemies won’t have any other option than accepting your opinion.  


Leo: You will feel an altogether different kind of internal strength. Inclination towards spirituality will add flavor in your life indeed. Your diplomatic communication skill will help you to give a modest image among your people. Monetary part of life will be good. Your kids may give you reason to smile. Students if this sign with technical background will perform well. 


Virgo: Health will be in the vulnerable area in this period. You will hardly trust anybody in this phase. Inner peace seems missing for you due to your temperament. Your friends would not be in good relation with you. Spending money on worldly pleasure will not be surprising event for you. More effort will be needed for accomplishing your any mission. 


Libra: This week warns you to avoid outside food or to go for nutritive food. Your digestive system needs a delicate handling in this period. Benefit from partner can be seen. Relatives and friends will be reason of benefits. Overall, financial gains can be expected. Students of this sign will be performing well. 


Scorpio: You will sacrifice more for the benefit of your family in this week. Your inclination towards opposite gender will be more. Your courage to work and get the ambition will be multiplied. Internal peace will not be around. Your professional front will improve. You will lead your mission on your own. Pace of your achievement will be slow indeed, but it ensures delay but not denial. 


Sagittarius: Planets are making you and your choice a bit more arrogant and reluctant. You will be over disciplined even at home which can suffocate others. Self-introspection is highly needed in this period. Your spouse will be the reason of your growth. You may think or involve yourself in home décor or anything related to modifying home. 


Capricorn: Your involvement will be you and your family more in this period. Relation with younger sibling can be strenuous. You will be appreciated among your people for your decent and modest communication. Money will be spent for some religious reason in this period. Opponents will be awake again. But they cannot harm you. 


Aquarius: Your confidence will not be up to your expectation. Harsh words may create problems in relationship. Your decision will give you success in most of your venture. Financial benefits can be seen in this period. Marriage proposals can be expected or you may propose a known person for marriage. Business person of this sign will be beneficial. 


Pisces: One of the isolated phase of your life is running in this period. You will be in extremely aggressive mode. Such attitude may cause you more bothered. Your involvement towards work will be more. Your effort is going to support you to enhance your achievements. You may face a bit health problem such as seasonal ailments.

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