Astrology: 22nd December-28th December

Weekly horoscope 16 February

Astrology: 22nd December-28th December

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: You will be very sensitive about your each and every move which can affect your public image. This behavior may turn into a temperamental person. Week will begin with mixed effect but as it advances, you will be determined for few of your decisions. Slight relive from children will be felt in this period. You will be satisfied with your own work. 


Taurus: This period may bring emotional or financial upheavals in your daily life. Anyhow, if your running period as well as personal chart are strong and supportive, you will sail through it easily. You will get involved in unnecessary arguments which you may repent later. Keep this quotation of this week for you “Speech is silver, silence is gold”. 


Gemini: Your focus will be hovering around business, partner, public dealing or marriage. All these depend on your individual running period as well as strength or weakness of planets. Meeting friends, family and having fun time with them can be assured through your planets. Financial aspect also seems good. Overall, a good period is coming on your way. 


Cancer: Week will begin with almost same note as it was in previous week. By the mid of the week, bit change in your health can be noticed. Hidden enemies may pile-up in number. The best part of this period will be the strategy of handling them by you. No one would be able to realize and their plan could be a failure before your strategy.  You will spend money unreasonably in this period. 


Leo: Your inclination towards love, romance, kids and education will be more. Keep a watchful eye in your diet to avoid any health problems. Monetary benefits can be seen in these days. Investing money in building or construction of home may be possible. You will be benefitted through friends in any form. A good week is walking your way gracefully. 


Virgo: Initial days of the week will be continued with same pace of struggle for getting your work done like last week. In the middle of the week, their actions may disturb the peace of home. Especially, mother will be directly affected. But the native will be able to satisfy his/her own motive. Professional area will be better. 


Libra: Anger problem will be sorted out for some extent. Now, taking lead in every decision of family or friends will be your goal of this period. Do not let your opinion get imposed on anybody by any means. Income and expenditure will be in same scale. Avoid or delay written message or mails to communicate in this period. 


Scorpio: You will get back your confidence after few weeks after this mid of the week. Financial gains or sources of getting money will be there in this period. Your communication skill may earn you name and fame. Prefer written mode of communication in this period. Unethical involvement may get exposed. 


Sagittarius: Your effort to help others will not be taken genuine. Your loved ones will suspect your intention. Your money will be spent for not very important cause. Internal peace will be missing even though you are surrounded by all luxuries. Your distracted mind will put an effort to pull up socks to resume work seriously. 


Capricorn: There won’t be proper co-ordination between mind and actions. You will feel secluded most of time in your daily life. This secluded feeling will come in your expressions. Stay careful in keeping your electronic items. Chances of stealing electronics or internal problems in them can be expected. 


Aquarius: Time of repentance due to your arrogance with loved ones may be felt in this period. You would prefer to get isolated from the society. You will try to sort out previous disputes strategically. This may take time but continuous effort will solve your problem in long run not now. You will start losing your confidence. Work hard on your approach with loved ones to stay happy. 


Pisces: You may experience difficulties at work in this period. In the week, you as well as your spouse will be busy with work. You will have to strive for your goal in this week but result is assured in accordance with your effort and determination. Kids will give you reason to smile. Try to speak if it is really needed. Talk less and stay safe among loved ones.

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