Weekly Horoscope: 21st March – 27th March 

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New Week brings new beginnings and new hopes.  The spring season officially began on March 20th. Here, we bring to you Weekly Horoscope by Kiran Rai Pandey.


Aries: Your involvement in the family looks more in this period. Listen to the opinion of other family members too, while taking any decision in family affairs. Circumstances make you feel dependent on others. Your relation with kids will be good. The area of concern will be your partner, be extra sensitive while behaving with your spouse. Your own efforts will pay you in any form. A gainful week is waiting ahead.


Taurus: This week may give you an awakening eye to know about the fact of your friends. Journey looks successful in this period. Instrumentalists of this sign will have a gala time after a long time. Physical botheration may keep you busy. Your long-awaited promotion or increment can be announced or a ray of hope regarding the same can be expected.


Gemini: This week brings your medical attention, especially related to the eyes. Do not ignore any medical issue that prevailed in this period. Despite some obstacle on the professional front, you will get the support from your boss. You will come across a time to enjoy the strength of family and friends. You will be more concerned about children. Romantic life won’t be up to your expectation level.


Cancer: Courage, emotion and support of loved ones would help you keep going on righteous path fearlessly. But, do not cross the thin line between courageous and wise step. Even though you would not get support from your colleagues, nobody can harm you or your progress. Romantic life seems disturbed in this week. Overall, a lukewarm week is ahead of you.


Leo: One of the busy week with so many commitments can be seen in the upcoming days. Health may be ignored due to certain circumstances. Appreciation from the boss and colleagues will be experienced. Social work or work for the development of society may be taken up by you in this period. You will have satisfaction with your financial conditions. A good week is waiting for you.


Virgo: Week brings hopes and expectations from the situations around. Most of your expectations will be fulfilled this week or you may reach very close to your goal. Keep your determination intact to complete your destination. Do not ignore health. You might be a bot calculative in giving or doing any kind of charity work.


Libra: Foes may turn into friends or they may be beneficial for you willingly or unwillingly. The legal matter should be kept under the wrap for the time being. Wrong use of words or using few words in the wrong place may tarnish your image among others. If you are planning to get married, this time will support you in your mission.


Scorpio: Your focus will be completed towards your spouse or partner. But lack of satisfaction will be found in your daily routine. Financial comfort can be felt by you. Support from elderly persons or elder siblings will come across in your life. Speed of achievements of your deeds may not match your expectations but it is definitely going to give you the exact results of your deed, sooner or later.


Sagittarius: Family disputes of opinion differences with family members can be possible in this period. Be cautious in such matters. Situations may take a snail’s pace but it doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to reach a destination. Renovating a home or some interior work can be planned or done in this period. Changing a vehicle or planning a trip will be on your agenda of the week.


Capricorn: Enormous courage with aspirations will keep you going with hassle and hurdles. Keep it going, do not give up until you reach your goal. This may result in your favour after a few weeks. At the same time, do not leap to the conclusion, do not take major decisions on your own. Seek help, guidance and support from authentic people.


Aquarius: Isolation, detachment from the worldly pleasures or just opposite to them can be experienced by you in this week. Either you will take a trip to a religious place or plan to get involved in charity work. Use words wisely while talking to anybody, do not take any relationship for granted. If you have been any health problem related to heart or Cholesterols, then do not ignore them. Must visit your family doctor.


Pisces: This week brings to you extra courage or over reluctant attitude. Be flexible to keep yourself and your loved ones happy. Your attitude may keep bothering you mentally subsequently it will disturb you physically. Children can be your prime focus in this period but take it as yourself made illusion. Stop being so much into relationships or the well-being of your own children, it will eventually be settled.

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