Weekly Horoscope: 20th December – 26th December

Weekly Horoscope: 20th December – 26th December


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Week begins with same tone and same pessimism but as week advances, you will be more aggressive. Talking less works better in this period. Do not try to push yourself, if your relation with partner is not going well. It really looks difficult to get success even in your silly mission. Your words can be diplomatic as well as wise. Your people will definitely appreciate this attitude behind your back.


Taurus: In the beginning of the week, you will feel strong and stronger with a feeling of anxiety inside. But after mid-week your expenses may rise. Travelling should be avoided or delayed for next couple of weeks.  Enemies will be defeated in this period. But your area of concern will be spouse or business partner. Financially, you won’t be satisfied.  


Gemini: Your short tempered approach won’t only bother you, rather your loved ones may also be disturbed. You may expect more financial benefits through other sources too. Romantic life as well as marital life looks tough in this period. Your relation with children doesn’t look congenial. Keep yourself aware and awake before using any harsh words while communicating with anybody. 


Cancer: Planets may aggravate your temperament and reason can be the unexpected behavior of your partner. Your relationship also looks disturbed due to your short temperament. Your mission will be possible with slow pace. If you are facing any legal issue, try to delay the date. Meditation or any other physical workout may give you relief from this state of mind. 


Leo: Education, romance or any skill will be the main focus of this week. Your skill will yield you money. Avoid air travel in this period. Despite some adverse situation, you will sail through it. Journalists of this sign may write something against the authority. Be careful. Financial area of life will be good. Do not take to even silly enemies for granted. 


Virgo:  If you have been working for any foreign project, then it’s time to get benefits. Your over expectation from partner may disturb you. You need to be cautious before using any strong word with loved ones as it may break your relationship. Your belief in traditional practices will not be fixed. Rather your unorthodox attitude will be prevalent. 


Libra: Family time as well as spiritual practices will keep you busy in this period. If you have been waiting for promotion or any kind of appreciation at workplace, this may prove to be one of the promising period. But definitely, this week brings lot of reasons to work harder. Health needs your attention. Overall a lukewarm week can be expected. 


Scorpio: Rudeness in relationships can be found in this week. Break-up can be expected in this period. Your strong determination will keep you moving and make you reach at your destination. You may get financial benefits through different sources. Good time for business persons can be expected. 


Sagittarius:  Your relation with family members will be quiet quarrelsome in this week. Health may bother you but help from family and friends will help you in this period. Money can be spent in hospital or legal issues. Be careful. A ray of hope from children can be seen In this week. Some kind of problem like seepage or any other kind problem related to your building can be seen. 


Capricorn: A damsel in distress kind of attitude will be observe in you by your loved ones. You may over react for no reason or for worthless reason. But by the end of the week, you will feel better, professionally as well as personally. Romantic life will be also in dilemma and reason may be over thinking and not being socialize. It’s high time to break the ice and extend hands for friendship with the loved ones who are far from your due to opinion differences. 


Aquarius: You may spend money for charity or your health. Chances of travelling can be expected in this week. Hidden enemies won’t be able to harm you but definitely they may create situation to disturb you. Monetary benefits can be seen with some obstacles. Your relation with father may be not good. Be careful.


Pisces:  Time to take lead in family matter and you are going to do it but do not forget to use decency simultaneously. You will be more outspoken in this week. Friends can provide you more sources to earn money. Father may be the reason of concern in this week. Quarrelsome nature may crop-up due to few circumstances. Try to go for physical workout or meditation.

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