Astrology: 24th November – 30th November

Weekly horoscope: 12th January to 18 January

Astrology: 24th November – 30th November

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Lot of reasons and situations will be handled by you wisely in this period. You will be
anxious for the performance and well-being of your kids. Conjugal happiness will not be
experienced. Try to use soft and beautiful words while communicating your loved ones.
Involvement in religious activities will be more. Overall, a moderate week is approaching you.


Taurus: Ego will be the main menu of this week. While you temperament is going to hit it on the face through heated arguments among your friends and family. You will find old Friends who may turn into great help. Decision taken in this period may not be very successful. Family dispute may prevail. Be careful.


Gemini: You will be having lot of ideas as well as confusion regarding relationship with family and friends. Sportspersons of this sign will perform better. Success can be achieved only through rigorous efforts in this period. Gains from various aspects will be experienced. Your children will give you happiness. Students will get success in their venture.


Cancer: One of the best professional period is heading in this period. Avoid accepting any
marriage proposal now, wait for at least a couple of months. Your mother may have little
difficulties which can further effect to you too. Health will be in priority in your wish list. Legal issue should not be taken under consideration for solving in this period otherwise this can back fire you.


Leo: You may feel extremely subdued even in public. Writers, Editors or those are working in any communication firm will have really win-win condition. Work place can be one of you’re the most favourite place in this period. Stomach problem may be felt. Your effort to eat at home would be the best option for your health. A good week is knocking your door.


Virgo: You will take front seat in most of your family matters. Eventually, you would like to
dictate others do’s and don’ts. This condition will lead your way towards arrogance which is
never appreciated anywhere. Gains from unknown or less known sources can be expected. In short, this week will be experienced without inner peace.


Libra: Struggle for self-achievement and finally achieving it gives immense pleasure. And you are going to experience it soon. Your mental as well as physical involvement towards humanity and honesty will show you right path of life. You may be proved as a lucky charm for father in this week. Bachelors may expect marriage proposal.


Scorpio: This week will have effect of Sun in your approach towards daily life, level of arrogance will be comparatively high. At the same time, you will lack self-confidence. This is a week of your being more self-centered and less sensitive for your partner. This situation can become the reason of facing family dispute in this period. Kids will be supportive in your day-to-day activity.


Sagittarius: Friends, fun and frolic will be the vital points of this week. You may plan for spiritual activity or something related to social work. Do not ignore health. You will be in mood to impose your ideas on your spouse or partner. Your action will not be appreciated among your loved ones. Your words and action won’t match.


Capricorn: You will be over reacting in certain issues. This may reflect in your words too. Your health issue specially anything related to digestion may get disturbed. Your children will be the reason of concern in this period. Students of this sign will find difficulties to achieve their goals. Isolation, self-introspection and working for under privileged strata will be your prime concern.


Aquarius: Your self-created issues will keep you isolated. This isolation will bother you more indeed. Increment or any increase in income cannot be expected in this period otherwise this will bother your more and more. This will be a repeated advice for you to go for written communication such as mail, messages etc to handle any sensitive issue not verbal.


Pisces: Your relation with mother will not be good. You will definitely move forward towards
social development if your individual running period also supports you. Think twice before
taking any action or recheck many times before sending any mail or message to somebody.
There is chances of miscommunication in this period.

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