Weekly horoscope: 19th January to 25th January

Weekly horoscope 16 February

Weekly horoscope: 19th January to 25th January

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: This week needs your attention towards your behavior with loved ones. You need to balance your words and action while dealing either with business partner or any family affair. Financial aspect will be in your favour. Travelling won’t be beneficial. Your belief in spirituality will be more. If you are planning for progeny, this is one of the favourable period.


Taurus: You will be more vocal in public or among loved ones. Your inclination towards occult Sciences will be more. Workaholic attitude will guide your way of success. You will get an opportunity to meet several types of people. Your area of concern will be your spouse. Keep a check on your Blood pressure if you have any history of the same. 


Gemini: This period will face off many of your opponents, at the same time you will be able to win over the situation.  Relation with younger sibling can turn sour. You will face even adverse situation in such a strategic way that everyone will appreciate your action. You may take up short trips. Financial status looks better in this period. 


Cancer: Your ego will be fully awake, at time such ego may harm your image among your people. Meditation or self-introspection may help you to cope-up this feelings. Somebody may approach you directly or indirectly in this period. There is a possibility of getting into relationship. Monetary gains will also be experienced. Conjugal life will be partially disturbed. 


Leo: Your mind will be highly calm and composed after long time. Your reaction won’t be harsh. But your mind will be indulged in processing several stuff together. No wonder, you will land-up bothering yourself. Your concern for your children will be more. Students will also be in the mode of anxiety for their upcoming performances. 


Virgo: You will be pessimistic due to existing surrounding. Your rash action and reaction may bring destruction in relationship. Your anger issue with egoistic approach will not only disturbs your loved one but you may equally suffer with it. You may experience a break in education, transfer of workplace or any disappointment from office. Be careful.


Libra: Love is in air. Either you are going to meet your old love after a long span or you are going to get into new relationship. But again your argumentative behavior may not going to help you to prolong this relation. Parental support in any form will be strength for you in this period. Some of those who have been either waiting for marriage or progeny, this is good time to get their wish accomplished. 


Scorpio: Your temperament will ultimately pull your ego down. Your action will be without sense or quick which can further ruin your status among your family and friends. Think, think and rethink before taking any decision. Self-introspection is highly needed in this condition. Try to spend quality time with yourself. Sometimes, we live in the world of illusion of negativity for others. You are currently going through such phase.


Sagittarius: Your concern will be your children in this period. Money spent on them will give you added pleasure indeed. Tension in family will be seen in this period. People will talk bad behind your back. This condition will sometime break you down for the time being but you will pull you up without harming anybody. 


Capricorn: Benefits from most of the aspects of life will be seen in this period but you cannot ignore your health. Your anxiety for non-significant thing issue may bother you mentally as well as physically. Your communication will be found subtle in most of the dealings. Your financial benefits can be assure. Get-together will old friends will be one of your marked schedule of the week.


Aquarius: You will be mingling with influential people. But you will be bothered either due to friends or your own kid’ behavior will be enough for you to face calmly. Parental support won’t be there or parents’ health may disturb you. If you have been into any relationship, stay careful. This period won’t be much supportive to carry on this relation if not taken it seriously and sensibly. 

Pisces: Planning to spend money on luxurious item will be vital part of your weekly schedule. But you won’t be able to accomplish your wish easily. Your diligent approach will let you continue to move on your way with optimistic thought. You won’t feel comfortable financially in this period. Be careful in communication with younger siblings or even your neighbours.

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