Weekly Horoscope: 17th January – 23rd January

Weekly Horoscope: 17th January – 23rd January

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to



Aries: This week brings you different types of responsibilities. Being in good condition, you will sail through every situation with flying colours. Your appreciable speech and communication will reward you in different ways. But in this process, you will miss your mental peace. Keep your temperament under control to avoid harm to your personal benefits.


Taurus: This period will give you money from any unexpected source or you may find a source of income after a long time. At the same time, you will make ways to spend the money. Do not show unnecessary courage to exert your supremacy. Your relation with your partner needs more attention. Your spouse may also face some trouble due to your attitude, be careful.



Gemini: This week brings many situations under the wrap which you may try to unveil in this period. You will find yourself clueless in most of the decisions. Talk less, work more or at times you may find that speech is silver and silence is gold. This attitude will work better for you. People may talk behind your back and plot something against you but it will go against them.



Cancer: Lot of ideas and planning will hover around your mind. Your partner may dominate you in your decisions. Your patience may not support you. Try to go for meditation or control your emotion through any other practices. Lack of security regarding monetary benefits will be felt by you in this period. Take it as a short term situation which will fade away within a couple of weeks.


Leo: Time to pamper yourself as well as your health. Go for shopping, recreation or gym etc to rejuvenate yourself. Avoid availing loan in this period. Do not ignore enemies as they may prove disastrous for you and can cause a mental disturbance. This period is a bit sensitive but significantly not bad. Overall, a lukewarm period is on your way.


Virgo: Students will have a good time this week and it’s easy for them to focus at their work. Even though disturbances cannot be avoided due to unknown and insignificant reason but you may find it easier to bounce back. You will be able to convince your people easily. Avoid travelling in this period. Try to delay in sorting any family matter in this period.


Libra: Dominance of your partner may bother you this week. But that dominance won’t affect your approach in public. Your sober approach regarding every situation would melt the people around you. Get your routine health check-up done without fail. You will be famous among your people. At work also, your work will be appreciated.


Scorpio: Isolation would be your preference in this week. Your health, especially if you have been facing a blood-related problem or joint pain then be extra cautious in this period. Journalists or anybody who belongs to writing and communication needs to be more attentive in their expression of emotion, as it can be at an end. Expenses will be more than income.


Sagittarius:  Your speech will be beneficial for you. Hoteliers or Consultants of this sign may be benefitted in any form. You may not be able to control your word at a time while speaking, this will be good for the concerned person but you will be tagged as a harsh speaker. Your patience will reward you later, not instant. You can expect to gain from spouse or in-laws in this period.


Capricorn: This week brings you ups and downs related to your health. Your concern will be your physical as well as your mental health. Luxuries will be there for you. Your anxiety level will be high due to overthinking for insignificant reasons. You will impose yourself on your partner. Your workplace won’t be very pleasant.


Aquarius: You will be concerned about your father’s well-being or your relation with father or fatherly figure won’t be good. Your workplace may not be that pleasing. Opponents will be in a weak position. You may be involved in a new relationship but it won’t go long. As being too much impulsive will take you to the wrong place.


Pisces: Meeting old friends and going for outings or excursions may be possible in this period. But you cannot ignore your health. The vulnerable area of this week will be your health. Taking decisions in a serious matter will be your way of routine. Your focus will be your children and you may try to dictate your kids. Students of this sign will do better.

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