Weekly horoscope – 15 December 21 December

Weekly horoscope: 26th January to 1st february

Weekly horoscope: 15th December – 21st December

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: This week will make you feel isolated. Eventually, you will feel the isolation was meant for your self-introspection. Such condition will make you stronger. Courage and self-confidence will also be noticed in your action. You may face differences with your kids. Monetary aspect of life will be moderate. Relation with spouse will improve.


Taurus: You will talk more in this period. Talking logical or illogical will depend on your individual horoscope. Health will improve. Planning lot of things and juggling with to sort them will be your daily schedule. You will keep your opinion without any hesitation before your loved ones. Result will take time to come in positive field indeed.


Gemini: Your will be under influence of negative approach of life. Your quarrelsome attitude will effect your family life too. In the beginning of the week, your point of argument will be taken as a sensible one. By the end of this week, your statement will turn into more aggressive and haughty. Charity work and working selflessly will become your passion.


Cancer: Love is in the air. You may get an opportunity to meet a person, with whom you may find your future brighter. Benefits of finance or prestige will be experienced. Argument with family or close friends can be seen in this week. You will win over your opponents. Your work place will be a pleasant place for you. Overall, a good week is coming your way.


Leo: Several kind of thoughts and plans will keep you in silent mode or more thoughtful. Stay away from eating outside home or go with the healthy diet charts. There can be a brighter condition at workplace. Arguments with younger siblings may be possible in this week. Friends from different walks of life may come forward to extend their love and affection towards you.


Virgo: You will strive for your goal until you reach it successfully. Nevertheless, you may face transfer or some adverse situation at work. Your leading instinct will suddenly surface-up in public. But you will communicate and act smart. Love-life will not be peaceful. Mother’s suggestion will be difficult for you to follow in this period.


Libra: Week will begin with aggression and arrogance. As week advances, situation will be
comfortable. It’s better to use public transport for you in this period. Father’s role will play a vital role in your life more in this period. Even an unsuccessful story of love can be possible. Money will be spent on luxury. Students of this sign will find it difficult to concentrate in their studies.


Scorpio: Meeting several people will give you mixed effect. A very active mind with lack of
confidence will be seen in your approach. It is a piece of advice for you to listen more to avoid any argument. In public, you will act as a sober persona and you may be able to hide your emotional side of expressions. A moderate week can be assured.


Sagittarius: Anxiety, anger and aggression will be the points to avoid in this week. Your ego will be magnified too much to pacify. Your focus will be your kids and their career. Flexibility in adapting religious activity will be found which can further lead you towards spiritualism. Friends or profession will be the area of concern in this period.


Capricorn: Week will enter with a secluded approach but after mid-week, you will find it better. Your interest in friendship and relationship will take a serious step and this may go next level. But married people will miss marital happiness due to certain circumstances. Professional area will also prove better. A good week can be assured for you.


Aquarius: You will be strong enough to face any situation. There may be chances of facing
problems at work. Despite emotional stress, you will relish luxuries at your level. Your rash
behavior may break relationships. Your partner will support you. Dispute with parents for
property or money will be experienced.


Pisces: Seasonal ailments will be faced in this period. Pessimism may also be seen in your
attitude. Partner’s support will keep you going. Family will play a vital role in your day-to-day life. Your communication skill will add charm in your persona. Reason of concern for this week will be your parents’ health or relation with them .A moderate week is approaching you.

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