Weekly Horoscope: 14th March-20th March

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Here is your weekly horoscope by Kiran Rai Pandey. Read your predictions and plan your week accordingly. Take a look at what all this week has in store for you.


Aries: You will perform the best in family affairs. Your decisions would be considered one of the smartest step among loved ones. Students must have good times. Progress at work can be expected. Sudden gain is in your kitty this week. Due to some reason, you will have to stay away from family and comfort in this period.


Taurus: This week brings a luxurious lifestyle. Friends and acquaintances will give you a reason to smile in this period. Decision-making ability of yours looks awesome. Reaching your goal with obstacles will be a regular feature of your life. It’s advised to stay away from any family matters and if needed then try to delay giving your decisions.


Gemini: Your path of destination will be way smoother in this period. Money can be spent on a donation and any other kind of charity. Younger siblings will come forward to help you in their own way. You will get support from your boss or high authority, even in adverse condition. Fake faces may pretend to be your friends in this period. Keep yourself awake about strangers and new friends.


Cancer: A blend of dutifulness as well as spirituality or serenity will be seen in your personality. Your ideology and strategy will be followed by others or your loved ones, due to substance. It’s time for you to relish the wisdom blessed by the almighty. Instrumentalists, Journalists or Travellers of this sign would have a good time.


Leo: This week brings you sudden and surprising news. Your professional area looks good and successful. Some of you may have homesickness this week. Feeling away from home or being nostalgic may bother you more. Those, who belong to Consultancy, Hoteliers, Educationalists and Bankers will have a professionally good time.


Virgo: Speech is silver, Silence is gold. If you are not in good mood, better to keep yourself isolated. The aspect of a good planet will keep you going irrespective of circumstances. You can expect gains moderately. Students will gear up to continue their studies. Your personality will carry the flavour of different characters to make you a better person.


Libra: Disciplined way of life will keep you on the nerve but at the same time, such a lifestyle gives you inner happiness. It will take time to decide some of your plans but your decision will be accepted by all, wholeheartedly. Children may keep you busy due to some or other reasons. Your opponents will become the reason for your profit, unwillingly indeed.


Scorpio: Thinking of a partner or marriage this week can be the highlight. You will be thinking mostly about a relationship. Gains at work can be expected. The unexpected or undesirable transfer can be seen, if you have been waiting for the same. You will dig your well, no help is needed for you in this period. Your determination can build your road of goal way easier.


Sagittarius: You may feel, kind of bounded in your day-to-day lifestyle. The Source of income will not be very smooth but it doesn’t mean that you are going to run short of money. Some quarrelsome moment can be faced in this week. Happiness from children is expected. Gain from in-laws or unexpected gains is on your way. Wait and watch.


Capricorn: Week will begin on the same note as it had been in the last week. As days advance, pessimism may surface in your behaviour. The prospects of promotion are very strong. Your own efforts and determination will guide your path. Siblings may come closer and out of any grudges this week. The financial area is good.


Aquarius: Your zestful attitude may take you to the wrong place, if not handled properly. Do not try to dictate your terms and conditions on your spouse or any of your partner. It may bounce back to you. Expenditure seems more in this week. Do not get anxious due to expenses. It’s a time being situation which will pass soon.


Pisces: Anxiety may pile up with several thoughts. These points of thought are self-created. Do not rush to any conclusion without reconfirmation. You will be too concerned about your children or studies in this period. Planning to get married or getting a marriage proposal is strong.

One World News brings you a weekly horoscope by  Kiran Pandey Rai. She is a renowned astrologer and practising Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

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