Weekly horoscope: 12th January to 18 January

weekly horoscope 12 january

Weekly horoscope: 12th January to 18 January

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: You would prefer spending time with your own self. Gain of name, fame or finance can be expected in this period. Financial gains with hard work indeed is definitely going to be experienced. Romantic life may get disturbed due to your aggressiveness. Students will perform better. Sports person of this sign will have good time.


Taurus: Those who have been waiting for job proposal, they may get an offer. It may not last for long time. You may inclined towards unethical way to achieve your goal in this period. Stay away from unscrupulous work. Righteous action will lead you towards financially beneficial side. Inner peace will be felt. 


Gemini: Over thinking attitude will definitely keep you gloomy. With few obstacles, you will achieve your target. Marital happiness will be missing due to some or other reason. Opponents will be around you but they won’t be able to harm you. Financially a better week can be expected. Overall, a moderate period is knocking your door. 


Cancer: Your spouse or partner will try to dominate or dictate you in most of the family matter. You will also not be in a mind frame to take such behavior silently. This situation is definitely going to bother your inner peace. Try to avoid rash driving. Health problems related to stomach or gynecological problem may occur in this period.


Leo: You may catch cough, cold or any seasonal ailment in this period. Friends won’t be genuinely supportive. Money will be spent for home décor or any other kind or home renovation work. Financial aspect will be moderately good. You will be more concerned about your kids in this period. At times, you will behave quarrelsome with loved ones. 


Virgo: Higher education or pursuing education may be one of your goal of this period. Undoubtedly you will work to get it diligently. This journey won’t be smooth sailing. Be careful at workplace. Avoid gossiping at work otherwise it will backfire you. Even, rash action should not be taken especially in this period. 


Libra: Some of you will get success in planning for progeny in this week. Students of this sign will also perform better. Your romantic life will be disturbed due to your straight to the point talk. Air travel should either be delayed or avoided in this period. Monetary status will be better. You may plan to invest money on share and trading, which should be strictly avoided. 


Scorpio: Your aggression level will be very high in this period. Consultants, Orators, Teachers, Bankers or Hoteliers will get chance to earn money. You may get an opportunity to involve in an unethical work. You should not indulge into such thing. Support from parents will be felt. Relation with partner may improve. 


Sagittarius: You may have opinion differences with partner in this period. You may be travelling or plan to travel in this week. You will not be sure of your own action while dealing any issue. It’s better to take suggestion from an authentic person before leaping into any decision. Investment won’t be fructified in this week. 


Capricorn: Health needs your time and attention. Financial gains in the form of increment, perk or promotion will be experienced. Friends will come forward to support you emotionally as well as financially. Travelling can be seen in this week. Opponents will try to pull you down but you won’t be harmed. A good week is knocking your way.


Aquarius: Your concern of this week will be either your own child’s well-being or your own romantic life. You will get chance to meet people from different parts of globe. Despite, all good surroundings, you will be missing something badly. Consequently, you won’t be able to enjoy the moment. Overall. A lukewarm week can be expected. 


Pisces: Malefic planets are keeping you isolated even in crowded place. You will avail luxuries in your day-to-day life. Mother will be reason of disappointment either due to her health or difference of opinion. Money will be moderately good. You may have an altercation with younger siblings or any loved ones.

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