Weekly Horoscope : 12 December- 18 December

Weekly Horoscope : Let’s find out what all is there in store for you this week?

Kiran Pandey Rai is back with her predictions. Check out your weekly horoscope and plan your week accordingly. One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey.

Weekly horoscope

Aries:  Your approach will be very extroverted in every relationship. Journalists or writers of this sign will get significant content to produce, eventually their work can be recognized or awarded at the workplace. If you take any journey in this period, this is going to be a beneficial trip indeed. But you cannot ignore obstacles in this journey.

Weekly horoscope

Taurus:  Your week brings you a different mood with respect to your style of work. Your temperament won’t be able to take the required work pressure. Your partner can be over demanding. You may be benefited from foreign land or export-import business. You will be extremely vocal and introvert in your approach.Weekly horoscope
Gemini: This week gives you reason to be tamed by your partner that may not be comfortable for you. But, hopefully you will be able to get over this situation through your sensible dialogues. Your short traveling plan will be successful with little ups and downs, indeed.  You need to go for workouts or other recreational activities to avoid negativities or any other repercussion in your health.

Weekly horoscope

Cancer:  Malefic planets are affecting your digestive system. Be careful about your eating habits. Your temperament may cause difficulties in a relationship. But married people will have a sigh of relief. You can participate in social work during this period. Chances of accumulating wealth can be seen these days.  Students will perform better.

Weekly horoscope

Leo:  Your focus will be more towards home, vehicle or mother this week. Kind of uneasiness can be felt at home such as family fights, lack of facilities or health issues like Heart problems etc. Your relation with superiors or elder siblings can be uneasy. Your source of income won’t be very stable. Professional areas can be challenging in this period.Weekly horoscope

Virgo: Better to stay in seclusion for a while” this will be your tagline these days. Students can have a really good time to concentrate more in their studies, if your personal running period also supports. Determination to achieve your goal will be an added flavor in your personality. Your efforts to make things in your ways assures success with obstacles.

Weekly horoscope

Libra:  You will be taking the lead in major decisions in family matters. Try not to surpass the elder’s opinion to prove yourself correct. There can be conflict with partners. Stay calm and talk less to avoid further arguments about any random issue. Money matters can be fine. Print media persons may get recognition among their community.Weekly horoscope
Scorpio:  You will prefer to work in isolation full of aggression and ego. Your egoistic approach may tarnish your image among your loved ones. Your inclination towards donation and charity work may increase in this period. Patience is needed in getting results of your work. Sudden financial gains can be expected.Weekly horoscope
Sagittarius: You will be obsessed with yourself. Your concern for your work and image in the society will be too much to bear for others. Other than that, your concern in this period can be either your father or somebody as a fatherly figure. Personal life will be disturbed for the time being. Your expenditure can escalate. Overall, a time to be more focused about your dealings with others.

Weekly horoscope

Capricorn: Even though you are surrounded with a pleasant environment, your mind must not be as cheerful as it should be. This situation will have some reasons. Keep each and every word of your superior in mind and do not take them lightly. This image of yours could play a good or bad role in later stages at the workplace. Financial area will be good.

Weekly horoscope

Aquarius: This week brings several situations to deal with. Some of them can be pleasant while others are going to give you bitter experiences. Your relationship with your father or any one of your elders won’t be appreciable. As some of you are going to help them financially or physically, you may try to throw a tantrum on them. Students will perform better.

Weekly horoscope

Pisces:  You will be very much puzzled about your decisions in this period. Both sides will be of equal importance for you. But an improvised situation in family matters can be experienced this week. Children can be your main concern in your agenda. Lack of satisfaction towards financial resources can be seen in this period.

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