Weekly Horoscope: 11th October – 17th October

Weekly Horoscope: 11th October-17th October


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Your health may suffer and a long awaited step towards health would be taken by you in this period. In the process, you may face conflict among loved ones. You may muster courage to speak your mind before your partner which you had been avoiding since long. Financial status will be substantially fine but financial insecurity may persist for no reason.


Taurus: Your concern will be your home décor or anything spending lavishly to keep yourself pampered. Females of this sign might be facing gynecological problem. Maintain a diet chart to avoid any health hazard. Your behavior or your partner may be the reason of enhancing your image in society.  Try to control your emotion and expression of the same. 


Gemini: Your aggression won’t be surfaced in your behavior but this will be difficult for you to maintain the temperament in decent ways, indeed. At some point, you may find yourself anxious regarding your image at work place. Consequently, your mental peace will be missing. At times, you will be harsh but clear in expression. A lukewarm week can be expected. 


Cancer: This week lessens the speed of achievement. Friends from different parts of globe can be expected in this period. Despite a pleasant surroundings, your edgy ideas may keep you busy and more anxious. You will achieve your goal through your efforts. But delay cannot be ignored regarding the results of your efforts. Financial aspect will be good. 


Leo: Your wisdom in several matters will definitely beautify your personality more. At time you may rush in decision making but on another moment you will be able to balance the undesirable part strategically. Your inclination towards work will be more. Students of this sign may perform better. Be careful with younger siblings. A small mistake may turn into blunder. 


Virgo: You will be involved in family matters. Do not forget to draw a boundary before dictating or imposing your words to anyone. Your professional aspect looks good in this period. Chances of getting sources of income may increase but it will take time to fructify significantly. Try to be a bit more flexible in life to enjoy your life. 


Libra: There is prospect of getting connection of friends. You may spend money in fun, outing and other luxuries. You should not ignore the views of your opponents. Hidden enemies can be expected in this period. Marital life will be at toss, if you have been already disturbed. Avoid availing loan in this period. If you have any legal issue to face in court, delay it for few weeks. 


Scorpio: Your temperamental issue may keep you and surrounding bothering. Your self-created situation may tarnish your image among your people. Marital life may be reasonably improved in this period. Still your approach towards day-to-day life will add the real colour, overall. You may face obstacle in achieving your goal but your efforts ensures success with delay. 


Sagittarius: This week may add arrogance with a mixed approach. You may find yourself more anxious about family, friends and professional life. An old friend may come across in your life through social media or any other channel. This will give you immense pleasure. Professional area will be another area to please you enough in this period. A good week can be expected on your way. 


Capricorn: This week will enter with full of energy and courage. Utilize this energy in constructive decisions. You may face silly situations in this period which may create hurdles in your pace of goal. You need to take extra health precaution from seasonal ailments. Control your words to avoid any heated argument. 


Aquarius: Chances of facing disputes with friends or younger siblings are more in this week. Dealing with people in a very strategic way will make you successful at work or in daily life. You will be more concerned about kids. Students will get opportunities to prove their skills. Your intelligence or opinion will help you to reach at your destination. 


Pisces: Aggression with short temperament will be experienced. Even courage to perform any action will be found more and more. But the best part of this period will be your decent communication skill. Monetary part of the week will be reasonably good. Your focus will be your children. Romantic life looks susceptible. 

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