Astrology: 10th November – 16th November

Astrology: 1 st December-7 th December

Astrology: 10th November – 16th November

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: You will be self-concerned and self-motivated too. Some of your relatives may not like your attitude. Your decision will be final decision and you won’t be ready to take anyone’s call regarding anything your personal affair. You will plan to travel somewhere in this period. Married life may be disturbed due to your arrogance. It’s better to go for workout in gym or any other place to keep yourself aloof for some time.


Taurus: Students of this sign will find it difficult to focus in their work. Others also may have difficulties in relationship. You will experience many foes unintentionally created by your words. It’s suggested to you to listen more and speak if it is really needed. Patience is needed if you have been waiting for job offer. Time to go for self-introspection and meditation is there in this period.


Gemini: You will have good time individually but your partner may be the reason of your
disturbance. Despite working hard, you will not feel it difficult. Students will perform better.
Avoid argument with your child in this period. You would like to stay away from traditional
practice. Financial growth can be expected in this period.


Cancer: This week may bring you basket of gifts in the form of name, fame, promotion,
increment etc. Your friends are also going to add flavor in your pleasant moment. Those who want to apply for higher studies, its favorable time to apply for the same. Mother’s support will be experienced in this week.


Leo: Communication and public relation work will be benefitted more in this period. Your
mission and ambition will be accomplished. Your determination will get a path to move ahead. Students of this sign will perform really amazing in comparison of their previous one. Sports persons will also have win-win situation. Overall, a good week can be expected.


Virgo: Communicating through message, mail or any written mode of communication will be more beneficial than verbal one. Money can be expected through foreign land or inherited property in this period. But mother’s health or behavior will bother you more in this week. Travelling taken up in this week will give you benefit in any form.


Libra: This week brings you a baggage of success, happiness and good health altogether. Your effort and skill will be well appreciated by boss or colleagues. Situation at workplace will be very much motivating for you to work more. Be careful with your younger sibling. Journey taken up in this period cannot assure you success.


Scorpio: You will spend money in donation or any other charity work in this period. Health may bother you. You can expect news of family expansion from loved ones. Your inclination towards worldly pleasure will be more. Conjugal life will be disturbed. It won’t prolong. Your anxiety for your own child will be one more concern of this week. Try not to disturb your peace for any temporary situation.


Sagittarius: This planetary condition will give you reason to get anxious about your health or yourself. You will spend money in luxury. Marriage proposal from an acquaintance can be expected in this week. Businessmen may get benefit. Your interest in religious aspect or
anything related to spirituality will be more and more.


Capricorn: Working for unprivileged strata of society or animals will excite you more than
anything else. Love is in air for you. Meeting friends and chilling with them will be in your platter of this week. Professional escalation can be seen through planets. After long time, you will find yourself more vocal and extrovert in society.


Aquarius: The transit of Jupiter have a mixed bag for you. Relation with elder siblings may go bitter. But this planetary condition will give benefit to your child and spouse. A better
surrounding at home can be expected in this period. There is a chance for you to take a short trip. Keep delay your matter to finalize, if any serious issue comes on your way.


Pisces: This planetary changes of your lord will inflate your kitty. You will find many reasons and ways to accumulate wealth. One of the strong step would be taken up by you in the field of religion or spirituality. You may travel to the religious place of other community by choice. Relation with mother will improve. Planning to buy vehicle or home can be expected in this period.

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