Weekly Horoscope: 10th January -16th January

Weekly Horoscope: 10th January -16th January


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com



Aries: This week brings you confidence in your overall behavior. You will try to put the best of your effort to get the best result. Chances of reaching to your goal depends on your individual running period, but it is assured for you to reach near to your ambition. Try to keep your personal life away from the result of your success rate. An aggressive week with lot of hopes can be expected. 



Taurus: Your week is waking you up from carelessness towards yourself including health. Your health and you should be in the top position of your priority list. Do not come under influence of any stranger for any kind of decision making. Assure an authentic resource before following their views. Support of younger siblings will keep you going.



Gemini: This week looks clueless from your point of view. But, you make it sure that the planning inside the god’s kitty will go in your favour. Your words will be appreciated and followed by your loved ones. Your concerned for your kids will be more and this experienced can be a mixed bag of good and bitter altogether. Financial aspects will be good. 



Cancer: Different kind of situations will come across in your life in this period. Keeping calm and take decision without being impatient and rude can give you wonderful in future. Marital happiness cannot be assured in this week. Balanced diet is highly recommended for you in this period to avoid any health issues. 



Leo:  Despite adverse situation at work and personal front, you will be able to cross the river as per your personal running period. No doubt, many obstacles will be faced by you in this week. Relation with partner looks bitter in this period. Chances of official trip are there. You may not be satisfied with your financial status. 



Virgo: Your efforts to focus at your studies and business will work in positive direction. Your love and concentration for children can be more in this period. Travelling should be avoided in this week. Do not impose your feeling and likings on your siblings otherwise this may bounce back to you. Do more communicate less will be better option for you in this planetary condition. 



Libra: Your relation with boss or elder siblings can be bitter. Be careful. Workload may increase or you may get extra sources to work. Your effort to get work will get a proper shape. In short, you are going to get success in your venture. Now only your communication skill may earn you a good or bad image among your loved ones. Rethink before using any word with them. 



Scorpio: Health is the main point for you in this weekly agenda. You would not like to mingle with anybody in this period. Isolation and seclusion will give you mental peace. You may get monetary benefit at work in any form. Lack of satisfaction for no reason will keep you anxious. 

You have to add an extra effort even for silly issue. Simultaneously, you efficiency to put effort will be appreciable. Eventually, somewhat you may get your target of life. 



Sagittarius:  Orators, Media persons or Bankers of this sign would try to speak more than what is needed. An appropriate control over their tongue can earn them good name and fame in this period. Week of spirituality and pilgrims can be expected. Good news related to your children can be expected in this period. Students of this sign may get some positive news.  



Capricorn: This planetary position brings you discipline followed by fun. If your individual running period also supports, you may get news or prospects in pursuing your higher education in foreign land. Control your temperament to enjoy this period. Trusting your friends is a good practice but sometimes it goes against your favour. Considering this in mind, draw a line before trusting any of your acquaintance.  



Aquarius: This is one of the good period for Occult science practitioners. Medical students or those who belong to health industries or front workers, are going to have good time. Business persons can have good dealings or they will come across new contacts to grow their business. I would again suggest you to keep your health in the priority list. 



Pisces: Meeting people from different strata will be the main agenda of this week. This meetings may turn favourable for you in long run. Leading the family and taking family matters in serious note would be found in you. Try to be polite in your expression of words. Professionally, it’s a good week for you. Maintain balance in personal and professional life can work wonder.


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