Weekly Horoscope: 1 November – 7 November

Weekly Horoscope: 1 November – 7 November

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: The week has full package of strength and lot of commitments. Your area of concern will be children and their well-being. You may find it difficult to reach at goal or with obstacles, you can experience the success. Isolation would be preferred in this week. Your inclination will be more towards spirituality due to some unpleasant circumstances. Overall, a moderate week is expected.


Taurus: You will spend your time either with your kids or in uplifment of children of society. Your strategic move will clear your path of life. But your single harsh word may lead to conflict with loved ones. Siblings will be reason of concern in this period. Students may face difficult to get through their goals. You need to put extra effort to create peace around.


Gemini: This week will bring lack of satisfaction at work. Although, your skill and creativity will be appreciated among your colleagues. Financial aspect looks good in this period. You may have anxiety about children. Elder siblings may be facing difficult time that will bother you. Take care of health and take all precautionary measures to keep yourself away from any health issue.


Cancer: A gloomy mood will be experienced in this week. Your patience needs a real patience to keep your surrounding peaceful. At the same time, your subtle approach towards several aspects of life will keep you within boundary. Short journey will be beneficial. Professional area of life is good in this period. If you have history of heart problem, do not ignore even little complication. And you must visit your family doctor.


Leo: You are definitely going to grab the opportunity with your continuous effort. Your
professional front brings good news in this period. Mother or mother land may give you reason to get disappointment. Younger siblings will be the reason of concern in this period. Opponents will be activated behind your back to pull you down. Stay careful.


Virgo: Your relation with the family and support from your family will be one of the best thing in this period. You will lack confidence while dealing in public. At times your tone will raise. Import-export dealers will have good dealings in this period. You are definitely going to get appreciation for your work. A moderate week can be expected.


Libra: Arrogance and ego will be the main attraction of your personality in this period. Such attitude will hurt you in some or way. Opponents’ effort to pull you down won’t disturb your target. Your financial area will lead your life style into lavish way of life. Planning to purchase land or building can be materialize or take an advance step.


Scorpio: This period brings you the time to enjoy and relish the company of spouse. Spending time in seclusion or spirituality will be your favourite time pass in this period. Financial satisfaction will be experienced. Inner peace will be missing due to your reluctant attitude. Professional area is grey or not very secure in this week. Stay careful.


Sagittarius: This week may bring a period to feel confused and difficult to take any decision. Your friends will guide you that can be beneficial in future. Hidden enemies will try to bother you but your determination to keep going without getting disturbed, will help you to move forward. Health of partner or mother may be one of the reason of your being disturbed in this period.


Capricorn: Too much planning and strategy may keep you busy with your work. Your hard work is ready to get its result. Opportunities and success are knocking your door very soon. Get ready to welcome a good period at workplace. Despite achievements and happiness, you will miss mother or home. Friends, fun and frolic can be expected.


Aquarius: You will be planning to travel in foreign land or work for foreign land. This period is good to process for the same. If your individual chart supports then you are going to get success in your goal. Delay and obstacles can’t be denied on your way. You will take up the role of leading and dealing family matters. Spouse of partner may prove lucky charm.


Pisces: This week gives you reason to speak sensible words but this communication may prolong at times. Try to cut short your conversation. Health needs extra care in this period. Your courageous step will help you to sail through every situation happily. You will be proved mostly fortunate in this period regarding finance.

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