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WeekendVibes: 10 oh- so- convincing reasons to watch Kota Factory

Why do we need more series like Kota Factory?

TVF always serves unique content. We love this Youtube channel and App for providing us engaging and enlightening content with utmost humour and relatable dialogues. The Permanent Roommates and TVF Pithers are still our favourite Web-series. TVF has again come up with a series “Kota Factory” which has garnered many eyeballs. The story revolves around a student who goes to Kota for IIT preparations and his struggle in the adventure of finding a place in a competitive coaching world.

The five-episode series of TVF stars Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Revathi PIlai,  Alam Khan, Urvi Singh, Jitendra Kumar and Ahsaas Channa in lead roles. The first season has five episodes and we don’t any official word for the second season

Why should we watch it?

1. The series is a surreal story of every student in North India.

2. The characters have been developed in such a way that we can relate to it.

3. It highlights the sacred bond of friendship.

4.A faithful Student-Teacher relationship with honest suggestions.

5. It takes us to Black and White horizon with cinematographic excellence.

6. Dialogues have been well written which connects to the middle-class section of students.

7. The series has a fragile and innocent love story.

8. Void-Filling Humor will leave u intact with the series and you will binge watch the series.

9. The coaching business and Kota life of a student is beautifully captured.

10. Rich Background music & fragile and innocent love story will make you go awe.

We need more series like this which showcases the real-life struggle of students, stereotypical parents. It talks about the drawback of Indian Education system. When mainstream movie makers try to make these types of stories they have to deal with the controversy and backlash of the mob.

Bollywood  Movies which were based on the Indian Education System

Prakash Jha tried to bring the controversial topic “Arakshan” of our education system and it impressed people. Aamir Khan made an amazing movie “Taare Zameen Par” which was a wake-up call for the Indian Education system. The movie highlighted that not just the number in traditional subject matters but we need to find the mojo of the kid. 3 idiots and FAALTU are few other examples which were equally good on their take of the educational system.

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