Weekend Special: Top 5 Netflix series you should binge watch “Abhi ke Abhi” 

Top 5 NetFlix series that you should watch

We hope that you would have binge-watched the third season of Stranger Things by now. We will still keep this in our list for those who haven’t watched it so far. The list is updated till July 2019, so you should grab the popcorn now start binge-watching these top 5 Netflix series now. Because Weekends are meant for NetFlix & Chill.

Here is the top 5 Netflix series you should binge watch right now

1.Stranger things

The third season of massively popular Stranger Things franchise released on 4th June people who had watched previous two seasons of it binge watched it in no time. If you haven’t watched the third season, go and start watching the 8 episode-season and relive the stranger things vibe. All the lead characters are reprising the role and in the 3rd season who is a teenager now.

2. Dark

The German series is as mind-bending as anything you would have ever seen. It is based on the existential implications of time and its impact on human lives. The first season was launched in December 2017 and the second season released last month.

3.The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House as the name suggests is a horror Netflix series which will scare the sh***t out of you. It was released on Netflix on October 12, 2018, and received largely positive reviews by both critics and audiences. The story revolves around 3 timelines which features the paranormal experiences of 5 adults at Hill House.

4. Black Mirror

Black mirror isn’t a Netflix series originally, it was aired on the British television channel ‘Channel 4’ and after looking the success of it, Netflix bought it in September 2015. It is a science fiction anthology which examines the modern society in regard to unanticipated consequences of technology.

5. Sex Education

Sex Education is a British comedy-drama web television series based on the story of teenagers and their myth on sex. It premiered in January this year and would be a good addition to your watch list to give you light moments.

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