Wear Right Colored Lipstick


Women often find difficult to choose the right lip color. Lipstick is an important part of makeup and wrongly chosen color can tarnish your entire look in a fraction of a second.


Red attracts you but you feel afraid to wear it. Bright colors are sexy and attractive but are you confident that they will suit your skin complexion and tone?


Wear Bright Lipstick

Oneworldnews suggest you some easy tips to follow while choosing lip color. Depending on your skin color and complexion, you should choose the lipstick. Avoid overdoing it and blend it evenly.


Fair to Light Skin:


Wear Right Colored Lipstick


If you have fair complexion, wear any lipstick from bright pink to bright red in color. Everything will look good on you. You can also apply some natural pink blush on your cheek bones to enhance the look.


Avoid applying orange shades because it will make you look sallow and dark.


Tan Skin:


Wear Right Colored Lipstick


If you have tan or medium skin tone, do not use pink color as it will make you look elderly. Apply bright-orange to get a glowing face.


Do not use blush and keep a natural look with bronze blush on.


Bronze to Dark Skin:

Apply any bright color to accentuate your gorgeous look. Use red color and avoid too much of pink or peach blushes. Choose matte shades instead of glossy ones.


Keep in mind the above mentioned tips and choose your lip color accordingly. Never forget to carry your confidence to look and feel gorgeous.


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