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We are all ‘Vibrations’

The ancients had it right when the great Sages of lore proclaimed that everything is Maya

Quantum science says that the entire Universe or Universes (yes there are multiple universes out there) are at the end made up of tiny bands of energy.

This includes not only the inanimate but also the animate (which includes us).

So, as an example, say pure distilled water – pure H2O, which is a molecule of one hydrogen and two oxygen atoms. The individual atoms of oxygen and hydrogen, are made up of electrons, protons in various numbers, revolving around the neutron (much like the planets in our solar system), with huge amounts of space in between, and going further into individual electrons, protons or neutrons we find quarks – tiny bands of energy, again with lots of space in between.  The number of quarks in the cluster determines whether it is a neutron, proton or electron, and the combination of electrons and protons in an atom determines it’s an element.  Thus, at the end of it all, there are just bands of energy – which are weightless, vibrational in nature, in huge empty spaces.  Thus physical reality as we perceive is simply an illusion, a mirage, or Maya.

Going by the latest discoveries, as elucidated above, it appears that the ancients had it right when the great Sages of lore proclaimed that everything is Maya – illusion, and only God, Ishwar, Allah, Creator, Inner Being, Highest Self – Energy Particle or what ever one chooses to call it – is real.

What we perceive as God – the infinite, never changing, ever-loving, magnanimous, gentle, kind and ever-present, is the highest vibrational energy, which encompasses all vibrations. So, when we pray or meditate, our objective is to at least perceive this beautiful energy, if not feel it in every Nanoparticle of our being.

If one pursues spiritual writing over the millennia – The Vedas, Upanishads, The Bible, Quran, Granth Sahib, or the teachings of Saints like Kabir, Sai Baba etc., they all have one common thread – to live according to the highest virtues of being human, in a state of love and joy – according to feelings of highest vibrations of joy.

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Sometimes the messages about living ‘Vibrationally’ are overt, other times cryptic.  Nevertheless, the messages are all there.  One just has to look for them, and in these messages lie the keys to Abundant living – of choosing our thoughts and actions vibrationally, rather than as dictated by some societal rules.  As an example, when we see a little baby, or a puppy dog or anything which brings out emotions of pure joy and bliss in us – with zero agenda attached is living in the highest vibration at that moment.

As humans evolved, their senses of perception evolved too.  From hunter-gatherers, our ancestors started living in communities, with farming and other activities evolving over time, as did taming of fire to cook, taming of domestic animals for ploughing of fields, milk food etc. However, natural phenomena like storms, lightning, floods, pestilence, earthquakes, etc. remained unexplained, and humans realized that there must be a higher power which controls and ‘manipulates’ our lives.

These phenomena and communal living started giving rise to rules for harmonious coexistence, as well as control of the populace. This gave rise to Religions, whose rules varied according to the conditions in which they were born, and the level of control required.

This control mechanism gave rise to rulers and priests; both classes co-existing synergistically, as each needed the other to not only exist but to thrive too.  Thus, we got the divine right of kings to rule, the divine right of priests to intercede on behalf of common folk with God, or Deities, with associated pageantry, rules of prayer, moral codes, etc. – all intended to control the masses.

As an example, we all know that God is omnipresent – in each and everything – animate and inanimate, in the air we breathe, our bodies, etc.  Yet, when we go to say a Hindu temple, we follow the rules of praying, of ensuring we have removed our footwear outside, of making offerings, or receiving ‘Prasad’ (holy offerings) only with our right hand, etc., otherwise, we are effectively committing a sin.  This does not only apply to Hindus but other religions too.

Similarly, each religion or group within religion has rules of morality.  So, for example, in Muslims, marrying a cousin is acceptable, while in some Hindu communities, it is considered incest, and is abhorred as sinful.  The number of marriages acceptable at the same time likewise varies according to the religious orientation of the individuals (of course they are also superseded by the laws of the land at times).  Similarly, some foods are considered impure by Hindus, some by Muslims, some by Jews, etc., and hence their consumption sinful, while for others they are ok.

So, two families, one Hindu, the other Muslim can have the same common Grandfather or Great Grandfather, as is quite common in India, yet have two very different codes of Morality – of what is considered as pious living, or what is considered sinful.  So, who is the sinner here?

Situations and religious differences like these cause most of the strife in the world.  However, when seen ‘vibrationally’ – always do what is right – not according to any religion, but according to the highest consciousness within, become the unifying factors, because deep down, irrespective of our religious orientation, we all share the same decent human values and virtues.

All organized religions thus exhibit varying degrees of control over their adherents, with varying degrees of ‘Fear of God’.

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So, on one hand, we have masters like for example Hanuman, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba, Mohammad, and so many more, whose core message is about love, kindness, gratitude and joy, on the other hand, organized faiths adhering to these masters all work with rules which literally put the ‘Fear of God’ in their adherents.

This is a dichotomy: Love and Fear cannot co-exist, especially, when one peruses texts by evolved masters past and present, one clearly realizes that if Fear is Dark, then God is Light.  So, where there is light, darkness vanishes automatically. Thus, both cannot co-exist. So, where there is God, fear is absent and vice-versa.  As an example, when we are walking along at night on a dark road, we do feel a sense of apprehension, a bit of fear.  However, say the streetlights suddenly come on and nicely illuminate the road the fear vanishes.  Similarly, the energy of God’s Love, the highest vibration is akin to pure white light, while that of fear  – dark.

With so many books authored by new-age thinkers like Wayne Dyer, Louis Hay, Gabrielle Bernstein, etc., books like The Secret, etc., which again are based on teachings found in Vedas, Puranas, Buddhist texts, The Bible, etc., all profess transforming our thought processes into the highest vibrations by transforming to come into alignment with the energy of creation to live completely fulfilled lives – much like the masters we all admire venerate and love.

The modern internet age has made this wide big world a small village. Information, which only two-three decades back was difficult to get, is now available at the click of a button, or the swipe of a finger – depending on which device one is using. This communication revolution has brought the thousands of esoteric knowledge and text within the public domain, making available the best of knowledge within easy reach of everyone.

As many people today access this plethora of information, religion per se is beginning to lose it’s stranglehold on society and is beginning to be replaced by thoughts towards living according to the highest vibrations of being good humans with the Gods and Masters as we know them serving as inspiration for better living, rather than the religions created around them which profess fear.

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